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gf and her ex boyfriend really big cock..and cucko

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gf and her ex boyfriend really big cock..and cuckodid you ever think about the cocks that your gf or wife has had before you?before even being with my gf I knew she had fucked with this guy who was famous in our area to have a really big cock ..Once a friend of mine had showed a picture of a girl that we know where she where sucking that cock..When me and my girlfriend started HAD to be a couple ounces we had a talk about my cock, where she said That I'm big enough for her "maybe a bit thinner" .. I had not connected the 2 things at once, but in the days That Followed That talk from I started to connect that "maybe a bit thinner" and the memory of the photo of her ex's dick..that was the beginning of my cuckold thoughts ..I am big enough for her?she really likes our sex life?did she think a lot about bigger cocks?did fakes orgasm when she's with me?and basically..HOW CAN SHE ENJOY MY COCK AFTER HAVING HAD ONE SO BIG?I have a good photographic memory so I'm pretty sure I put the right measures of his cockP. S. I want her to have everything she needs and deserves what can I do to ask her if she would like to cuckold me?I need advice on how to make "the talk" in the right way..
04-15-2021, at 09:43 AM

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