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Cyber lover : part 4

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Cyber lover : part 4Later that morning, after sleeping entwined in each other?s arms and legs, they got packed up, though she didn?t have much to organise. She realised that she hadn?t thought this scenario through fully. In her haste to put her plan into action she hadn?t thought beyond meeting Gary at the airport! She wondered how she was going to brazenly walk through the hotel foyer out to her car with practically nothing on under her coat. Gary knew that this predicament was preying on her mind and he also knew that he could easily come up with the solution and go out and buy her some clothing. However, he secretly longed to walk with her in daylight and have everyone they approached wonder about her choice of clothing. It turned him on to think that he was the only one to know how hot and sexy she looked under that coat! He dearly hoped that there was a breeze building up on this warm, sunny day and that glimpses of her stockings may be witnessed by himself and others. They left the room and got into the empty elevator. Gary placed his hand on the delectable curve at the base of her buttocks. He loved this part of her body as it seemed to fit his hand perfectly. The elevator stopped on the next floor and an older couple entered. Gary refused to move his hand, even though Donna tried to edge and twist away from him. He smiled devilishly into her startled eyes, his dancing with merriment and hers warning that she would pay him back! On the ground floor, they waited until the older couple exited before Gary whispered how fucking hot he thought she was and that he loved her arse! With her face fused in bright colour, not just from embarrassment but from the hot murmurings of her lover, she walked boldly with her head held high, and almost dared anyone to comment on her state of attire. Gary checked out and followed Donna out to her car. When he saw the sexy, brilliant white audi TT he looked at her with new eyes. So she liked to push the boundaries, make a statement did she? The more he found out about her, the more intrigued he was by this incredible woman. She almost didn?t seem real. She was exactly as he would have wished given his choice of all the women in the world. She was obviously hot and sexy, but caring, witty, funny and amazing all in one package! He loved how she made him laugh and he felt so lucky that she wanted him.Gary put his luggage into the spacious boot then walked round to the driver?s door to hold it for her, not in any chivalrous way but more that he wanted to see how she managed to manoeuvre the low sports seat in her get up. Amazingly, she did so with elegance, with only the slightest flash of her stocking tops! He smiled sexily down at her and told her what a lovely view! Her cleavage looked incredible from his view point and he just couldn?t help but slip a hand down to caress one of those beautiful pert tits! As he walked round to the other side he became aware of an unexpected stirring down below. He reckoned he was going to enjoy this journey home more than any in his life before.As Donna competently manoeuvred her audi out of the car park into the busy city traffic, he gave her directions and they were homeward bound. They chatted about all sorts of things and laughed about many irrelevant but none-the-less interesting topics. Gary was impressed by her complete control of her vehicle as though she were one with it. It definitely suited her personality and she obviously loved the speed and power it gave her. She rarely stuck to the speed limit but handled the speed so well that he wasn?t concerned in any way. He loved to watch her gear change because her left thigh nearest to him had to stretch out to engage and he was rewarded with the view of the top of her stockings each time. As she tackled the outer city limit traffic there was more changing of gears. She was up and down that box continually and each time she did he got a little more turned on. As though he couldn?t resist it any longer, he reached out a hand and placed it on her knee. She briefly glanced to the side, not wanting to fully take her eyes off the road, but wanting to see what his intentions were. She caught that raw longing in his eyes and thought ?Oh fuck!? His fingers gently rotated as they climbed up her leg then reached round towards her inner thigh. She began to feel nervous because what he was doing was totally distracting her. She squeezed her thighs tightly together to prevent further movement towards his intended goal. He just grinned at her attempt to stop him. He could abide his time so kept his hand happily imprisoned by her strong legs. It was only a matter of time for her to drop her guard.As the miles went by he was astounded by her resolve. There would be no advancement if she had anything to do with it. As they were approaching their next slip off the main motorway, he knew that she would have to slow down and sooner or later have to down shift. He waited for his opportunity and as they approached a busy roundabout and she dropped to 3rd gear his hand pushed right up into her crotch! She wasn?t wearing her panties! ?Where are they?? he asked in wonder. Donna admitted that they were so damp from the day before that she hadn?t wanted to wear them again. Gary groaned, his fingers were deep in her wetness and her clit was bulging with longing. Oh fuck she was wet! He pulled his hand out and licked and sucked her juices off his fingers then put them back in. He pushed further so that his fingers were pushing deep inside her! Her pussy throbbed against his fingers and her juices squelched into the palm of his hand. Oh my God she was so wet!Gary couldn?t take any more and unzipped his shorts and pulled his now rock hard cock out and started to wank. ?Baby,? he whispered, ?I think we need to pull over!?Beyond the roundabout were the motorway services. Donna wondered if he had deliberately planned this assault on her senses at this exact time. She swung the car into the services car park and looked around for the best place to park. She spied a remote corner, surrounded by thick foliage and headed for it. It was shaded from the heat of the sun by trees. No sooner had she switched off the engine, than Gary had her pulled into his arms for a deep, passionate kiss. His tongue plundered her sweet mouth and played with her tongue, pushing deeper. He then fully pulled her out from behind the wheel to sit her on his lap. He stroked her hair and kissed her face, fully aware of her soaking pussy sitting directly on his crotch. He slowly unbuttoned her coat to reveal her gorgeous tits and swooped down to capture one in his mouth, while stroking the other with his hand, tweaking the nipple to stand proud against his touch. ?I fucking love your nipples,? he growled, as he captured one between his teeth. She moaned and shivered at this contact!Donna reached down and guided his throbbing cock into her wet pussy. Gary pushed forward and groaned with the ecstasy of her hot pussy on his hard cock! Donna started to move up and down, gathering momentum until she was riding his cock for all she was worth! OMG she could move! His cock was throbbing and pulsating! When he sucked her nipples he knew how much she loved it. Her moaning increased and sounded out of control! He grasped her arse and used his hands to push her down onto his cock harder. Her reaction told him that she was close?.but so was he. It was soooo incredibly erotic to watch her ride his hard cock! ?Oh baby! You know you do it for me,? he said and with a soft squeal she said, ?Oh my god! I love your cock,? as she collapsed into spasms over him.Gary released the seat to fully recline and turned her around until she lay stretched out before him. He could see her pussy still throbbing, so he swooped down and claimed her pussy lips in his. He loved that pulsing feeling. He inserted 2 fingers and started to finger fuck her climaxing pussy. He could tell by looking into her eyes ? that it was pushing her boundaries but in a very good way! He built up his momentum until she was screaming that she was gonna cum again! She squirted over his fingers and onto the palm of his hand! She had never done that before! She now realised just how much this man knew her body and what she was capable of! He licked her cum off his hand but pushed his fingers into her mouth so she could taste herself. She found it very sexy and was left wanting more.She slipped into the footwell at his feet and licked the bead of pre-cum off his tip then took his whole cock into her mouth. She loved the control she had over him. She built up her rhythm until she heard him panting for more, then slowed down to make him groan with every deep action. He realised that she was just too damned good at this and if he wasn?t careful she would be swallowing his cum again! He didn?t have a problem with that but he wanted to have her pussy again! He pulled her up and turned her to face away from him and lowered her onto his eager cock. He pulled her down hard and kept her there, making her feel every inch of his cock. Then he began to fuck her in earnest. He pulled her fully back against his chest so that he could play with her nipples as he fucked her hard! He could hear the sound her pussy was making and he could reach her clit which was still swollen from her earlier orgasm. As he traced his fingers lightly around her clit, teasing her with full contact followed by feathery touches. Gary whispered in her ear, ?I just can?t get enough of you baby!? He then realised his mistake. He felt the force of his orgasm build up before it fully hit him! ?Oh my God baby. I?m gonna cum!? As he thrust forwards he firmly pushed his fingers against her clit, making her body tense and tremble and release all over his cock. Straightening themselves they pulled back on to the road, heading for home. Gary felt nostalgic as he realised that this may be his last real contact with this amazing woman. Once they arrived at his house, she kissed him fondly and held him tight before reluctantly returning to her car. Gary watched her drive off with a sadness, knowing that she was returning home to the husband that she loved. Loved even more than him ? her cyber lover!
04-15-2021, at 09:43 AM

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