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Quickie at the Mall Food Court

Post #1

Quickie at the Mall Food CourtI was in the food court at the mall just a few blocks from my office. The mall wasn't doing very well since a new, bigger mall and a series of big box stores had been opened at the next exit, and half the stores were closed. The food court itself had lost two more restaurants, and there was a pretty slim choice of lunch options. I got a soggy sandwich from the deli and grabbed a seat.I noticed her sitting three tables away from me. Dark curly hair cascaded from underneath her hat. I couldn't get a great look at her face as the hat and sunglasses were blocking her face, but I could tell by the shape of her jaw that she was most likely a cross-dresser or t-girl. She was texting someone on her cell phone, a half-eaten salad in front of her. I couldn't take my eyes off her. It wasn't often that I saw a t-girl out in the suburban office parks.She looked up and noticed me looking at her. She looked away quickly, but I continued to stare. After a minute of avoiding my gaze, she looked up again. This time, I flashed her a smile and mouthed the word, "Hello." She didn't look down. She smiled back, and then removed her sunglasses. With a better look at her face, I was now sure she was a t-girl. We flirted with our eyes for a few moments. I could feel the heat building between us.I pushed my chair away from the table so she could get a better look at my body. My cock was hard, and a I stroked it a few times through my slacks. She smiled and pushed back from her table. She let her jacket fall open, and I could see that she had a slim, cute body. She looked around, and once she was sure that no one was watching, rubbed her tits through her t-shirt.She reached into her purse and pulled out a pen. She wrote something on a napkin, and then got up and walked over towards me. He reached my table and let her leg brush along mine. I was staring into her eyes, but my peripheral vision picked up her dropping the napkin on the table. She walked away.I picked up the napkin, hopping for a name and phone number, but got a bigger surprise. There was a note that said, "Feeling hot? I am. Once you are done your lunch, I will be in handicap washroom in north end of mall. Knock on door. We can have some fun."I dropped my soggy sandwich. Forget eating. I was ready to go.I walked towards the north end of the mall. All of the stores down this end of the mall had been shut, so there was no one around. I reached the bathrooms, and knocked on the door to the handicap washroom. I heard the door unlock, so I turned the handle and entered.The t-girl was there. She already had her pants off, and was wearing just a t-girl and a pair of black panties. Before I could say anything, she grabbed me and kissed me. Her tongue dove deep into my mouth. My hands reached down and cupped her ass cheeks in my hands. They were firm, the kind of ass you could bounce a quarter off. She reached down and stroked my hard cock through my slacks. Soon her hands were undoing my belt and fly. She pushed my pants down, and they fell around my ankles.The t-girl dropped to her knees, and removed my boxer shorts. She took my cock in her mouth, and started to deep throat me. I pushed towards her, sending my dick as far down her throat as I could manage. She gladly took it all.I pulled out of her mouth. She looked up at me and said, "come on. Fuck my face!" I grabbed the back of her head, and was soon thrusting myself deep into her mouth. She expertly took my full cock. I thrust in and out. Soon spit was running down her chin, but she didn't mind. She just kept deep throating me.My thrusts were getting fast, and I was getting close to ejactulating. She pulled herself off my cock and stood up. "Save some of that energy for my ass," she said. She walked over and took a condom out of her purse. She put it on me, and then rubbed some lube on my sheathed dick. She pushed her black panties off her ass, lubed herself up and leaned up against the sink. Grabbing me by my dick, she lead me inside of her.I pushed myself all the way in, and started to slowly stroke in and out. "Fuck me fast. Fuck me hard. Take me," she said. I started to pump in and out of her as fast as I could, making sure that I was pushing the full length of my cock in her ass."Oh yes," she screamed. "I'm a dirty slut. Pound me like the dirty slut I am."I'm not usually one for the dirty talk, but she seemed to want to hear it, so I started whispering in her ear as I fucked her. "You are a dirty little slut. You like getting pounded in the ass. You love it, don't you. Tell me you love to have dicks in your ass," I said."I love it. I love dicks in my ass," she panted. I was pumping so hard that she was coming up off the ground on my in strokes.I pressed her up against the sink and said, "You like fucking in a dirty washroom, don't you? You like being as slutty as you can be. I bet you'd fuck every guy in this mall, and still want more dicks in your ass, wouldn't you?" "Yes, I want a million dicks. I want every dick in this city to violate my tender little ass. I want to get fucked so hard and so often that I can't even walk anymore.""They'll just wheel you around in a wheel chair with your legs strapped in the air and your asshole, dripping with cum, open for anyone to fuck. You'd like that. I'll push you around and let every man have their way with you." The image of this t-girl with her legs in the air and ass open was pretty funny, and I almost laughed, but she just moaned and panted and kept saying, "yes," so I kept a straight face.I grabbed her hips, lifting her and thrusting deep inside her at the same time. She feet dangled off the ground."Oh fuck, I can't take anymore," she said. I thought for a moment she wanted me to stop, but she pushed her panties down her legs and started stroking her hard cock. "God, it's so good. Fuck me hard," she implored me.She bent over the sink, supporting herself with one hand and jerking herself with the other while I drove her from behind. She grunted, and spewed a load a white cum all over the sink and mirror. I quickly followed with one final deep thrust into her, and filled up the condom with my semen.We sat there for a moment catching our breath, the t-girl still bent over the sink and slowly stroking her cock while I kept my hard but spent cock in her ass. Once we were less winded, I pulled off of her. I sat on the toilet, stripping off the condom, dropping it in the toilet and cleaning myself off with the toilet paper. The t-girl quickly pulled back on her panties and jeans. She grabbed her jacket and purse, and with a final kiss on my forehead said, "thanks, that was just what I needed to get me through the rest of the afternoon." She unlocked the bathroom door and left."Wait, I didn't get your name. I'd love to see you again," I called out. The door was already closed, though. I quickly got on my underwear and pants, but by the time I was out of the bathroom, the t-girl was no where to be found.I went to that same mall food court every day for the next month hoping to see her again, but she was never there. Finally all the shops in the mall closed, and the food court was no longer an option. I still have the napkin with that t-girl's message on it, and I still hope that some day when I am out at lunch, I'll look up and see that beautiful black curly hair again.
04-15-2021, at 09:43 AM

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