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Gym Locker Room Play

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Gym Locker Room PlayI love working out at my gym. I work out in the morning or evening and there is a group of 10 regulars that work out at this time. I work out at a gym that attracts mostly middle aged professional types. Its nice seeing the same group of guys over time because you can really study and appreciate each beautiful naked specimen in the locker room.In the locker room, most of the guys are comfortable being naked. Its easy to get involved in long discussions while totally naked. I love it when a man is confident enough about his own body that he can share it easily in the company of men.I love the whole atmosphere, I always get totally naked before putting on any of my gym clothes. I always position myself so that I can see myself putting my clothes on in one of the many mirrors that fill the locker room.. I like the way my big balls fill out my gym pants pouch. I love getting sweaty and then getting cleaned up.The locker room has a steam room, sauna and a hot tub. I love watching a man walk casually from his locker to the steam room with just a hand towel. Men Proudly strutting their cock and balls for everyone to see. I love shaving naked with my balls drooping on the counter after using the sauna.My fantasy involves many of by locker room buddies. I'm hoping that they might read this and help me fulfil my fantasy.My favorite friend is Tim. Tim is mid 40, a successful executive. We went to the same college. I'm ten years his junior. Tim is a bear of a man. Six foot tall, 235 pounds, he has a huge set of balls that I admire greatly and a nice thick flaccid cock. His cock head is slightly hooded and it looks like it would get to be golf balls size. I remember one day when it was crowded and he had to get undressed right next to my face. I stared so intently at that magnificent set of testicles. The sack is broad and full, easily the size of a softball baseball. He's always pulling on that fluid sack - stretching it out. He has a beautiful grey hairy chest. It?s sparse but it goes from the top of his shoulders to his arm pits and then the bottom part of his chest.I fantasize about sucking his beautiful cock right there in the locker room. When it gets full erect I press that stiff mast across my face to my tongue where I lick that thick shaft from stem to stern. I can feel him starting to come so I grab his ball sack and pull hard with both my hands. The sack stretches out to cover my face. I feel his tense dick spasming in my throat depositing his milky load deep in my gullet.I then go to the showers where I find Larry. He's in the Army Reserve. He?s about six foot tall and barrel chested. He has a super thick pelt of fur covering just the top part of his chest. I go over and apply some soap to his beautiful pelt and start playing with his smallish four inch cock. Its head is real pink when he sprouts a boner in the showers. I masturbated his cock to orgasm. He spurts a huge load all over my chest which I massage into my own pelt. I go to the steam room where I find Ned and Mark. Mark is beautifully hairy, bald and short. His chest hair is grey up on top and it turns into a black river of hair that snakes down to his pubic bush. He has a beautiful yet compact set of balls and dick. Not that I wouldn't like it up my ass. Ned is forty, hairy on top with big nipples and a heavy beard. He's still built like the linebacker he was. He has a beautiful five inch cock and he keeps his balls and bush trimmed. We go into the steam room where there are three firemen already getting hot. I'm surrounded by all these hairy men and I get up and just start caressing each of their hairy chests. We all start getting boners and we start masturbating. I get down on my knees while all these beautiful hairy men masturbate in a close tight circle. Angelo comes over and I pull on his thick mat of hair that totally covers his entire chest to a depth of two inches. Its beautiful. Larry comes over and he is totally covered with grey curry hair all over his beautiful retired frame. Poor guy only has a micro dick. But his body is so hot I pop boners around him. Fred has a beautiful grey hairy chest and Mike is about twice as hairy. They all start coming buckets of sperm over my body I rub it into my chest hair and start stroking my cock with it. I come and I come to. If it were only true just for a day.
04-15-2021, at 09:43 AM

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