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Vacation in Paris

Post #1

Vacation in ParisI had booked a trip for me and my wife to Paris for a long weekend. It was in August and that year it was a heatwave with very high temperatures. After a day out in the city we always needed a long shower to get away from the heat (the hotel had no air-condition). This particular day my wife took her shower first and I took off my clothes and sat down in a chair. I looked through the window and saw that on the opposite side of the street a man just walked out on his balcony. He was totally naked and was smoking a cigarette. He had a huge cock, bigger than any I had seen before. In that moment my wife came out from the bathroom. She was naked and her big hangers moved nicely when she walked through the room. I then got a naughty idea. I asked her to come to the window and take a look. She immediately saw the naked man on his balcony. I could see that she was excited to see a naked man with a big cock even if she tried to hide it. Hot big cock, isn't it, said I. She told me that it was indecent to stand naked where everyone could see him, turned away from the window and started to comb her hair. I went into the bathroom but left the door slightly open, just enough for me to be able to look into the room.I turned on the water in the shower but didn't step in and waited for a couple of minutes. Then I very carefully went to the door and looked into the room. What I saw was enough to make my cock hard. My wife was standing by the window, still naked, with one hand touching her pussy and the other hand squeezing her big tits. Her eyes were locked on the big cock on the other side of the street. She was so occupied looking at the big cock and touching herself that she didn't notice that I walked up behind her. I grabbed her big hangers from behind. You dirty slut, watching a big cock and touching yourself. I ordered her to bend forward. She did as I said and I shoved my hard cock into her soaked pussy. She must be very horny with a pussy that wet. She moaned loudly when I pounded her pussy. She was still looking at the big cock. Her breathing was heavy and her pussy juice dripped down on the floor. I told her that the guy would have loved to fuck her mouth when I fucked her from behind. A slut like you would love to have that big cock in your mouth, wouldn't you? Mmmmmmm was the only sound coming from her except for her moaning. A cock like that would be able to cover your face with cum. You would love it. You are such a cumslut. Mmmmmmmmm was again the only thing she managed to say. Perhaps you would like to get two loads in your face? I?m sure he has a friend who would be happy to join him. Her entire body started to shiver wildly and she screamed; I?m coming, I?m coming, oooooohhhhhh. I couldn?t hold back any longer. I squeezed her big hangers very hard and shot a big load deep inside her wet pussy. We stayed at the window until we had managed to calm down a bit. We then went to the bathroom and took a shower together. When we got back into the room we noticed that the man had left the balcony. We never saw him again during our stay at the hotel but he, for sure, gave us a very hot sexual experience.
04-15-2021, at 09:43 AM

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