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Restroom jo

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RESTROOM JOIt was late one evening after a long day at work, that I decided to head off to the nearest male restroom at the local shopping mall for my very first nude jo.When I finished checking that no-one was in any of the stalls, I hurriedly peeled off all of my work clothes to reveal nothing, but me standing in my white jock-strap. Not long after I ever so slowly pulled off my now bulging jock-strap to release my fully erect penis.Standing completely nude gave me an overwhelming sense of relief of my humdrum existence, but also of panic; what if a security guard, yet alone a shopper walked in.By now, I was beating my rock hard uncut cock to a sticky precum slick lather; it must have been nearly 15 minutes and nobody had strolled in to catch me in the act.I could feel myself getting closer to an uncontrollable orgasmic climax, when I heard 2 male voices about to come into the restroom. I quickly backed into an open empty stall, as I heard the pair vaguely talking about a soccer match they had seen.I decided then and there to quietly come out of the stall and beat my now dripping rock hard cock to an ultimate explosion. I knew the guys couldn't see me from where they were relieving themselves, but if they happened to turn around they were sure to see me in the mirrors reflection. It seemed like an eternity, but before I knew it, standing proudly in the buff, I must have shot at least 7 to 8 jets of creamy white cum right across the restroom floor, and without even the 2 guys noticing; slowly I walked back to the empty stall with my cock still standing erect.The 2 guys were oblivious to what had just happened; they zipped up, washed their hands and walked out of the restroom. They hadn't even noticed the cum all over the floor, and to my surprise I didn't even realise that I had left my clothes
04-07-2021, at 10:55 AM

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