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Mom/son Jamaica vacation

Post #1

Mom/son Jamaica vacationWe lazed around cuddling and then did some sightseeing and shopping. When we got back to the room we got in the Jacuzzi. Mom was laying with her back on my chest and I was fondling her breasts. I got hard and started rubbing my cock all over her back. I started the dirty talk. Mom flushed red and said, "I do like sex."We got out of the tub and I dried mom off. We went to the bedroom. I got mom's favorite dildo, a large black rubber cock with big balls and her vibrator. I lubed the dildo by sucking it in my mouth. I put it in her wet cunt.Mom turned on the vibrator and started running it all over her cunt. She started fucking herself with the dildo while still pressing the vibrator on her cunt. Her cunt was open and wet.I lay down beside her and lubed my cock. I told her what a dirty girl she was, fucking other men in front of her own son, flashing her tits at the single men and sucking black cock.Mom's chest was flushed red with lust and she started moaning and talking dirty."Tell me you liked my fucking them, tell me you liked watching, tell me, tell meeee, you little cuckold boy." I said, "I loved it. I want to watch them all fucking my mommy."Mom pulled her knees up and her breathing was ragged.I scooted down the bed and leaned in to lick her cunt and stuck my tongue in her ass. My cock was hot and throbbing. I could feel the tension in my balls.Mom turned the speed of the vibrator up. Her dildo was soaked in her juices. She gasped, "cccock cccock, Ahhhh, Come in me. Coming."Her dirty talk sent me over the edge. I spurted come all over my self and the bed. I couldn't stop coming. I held mom while she continued to tremble.We napped.That night we had dinner at the resort under the moonlight. mom wore a low cut light sleeveless summer dress with spaghetti straps over her naked body. We ordered martinis at the bar and took them to our assigned table. At our table were two other couples and two single men, Kevin and Tom. We ate a delicious lobster and fish dinner and we all drank and flirted. Every time mom turned around we had a great side boob view.Once dinner was over and the table were cleared a small Jamaican band started playing some dance music. I held out my hand to mom and we got on the dance floor. We held each other tightly and I whispered in her ear,"What's my dirty girl thinking?"Mom nibbled on my neck and said, "Sex, Sex."When we got back to the table Kevin ask mom to dance. I nodded my approval.On the dance floor mom put her arms around Kevin's neck, her head on his chest and her mound pressed tightly to his leg. Kevin looked nervously over at me. I smiled.The band started playing some reggae music and mom held onto Kevin and humped him to the slow pulsing beat. They ended with an open mouthed kiss. When the dance was over they came back to the table. There was a noticeable tent in Kevin's pants. mom held his hand and whispered to me,"I'd like to give him a blow job."Mom loves to suck cock.I got up and lead us out of the restaurant to a secluded table on the beach.Mom pulled Kevin to her and kissed him again. She put his hands on her tits and moaned. She reached down and pulled her dress over her head. She stood there naked in the moonlight.Mom reached for his zipper and pulled it down. She reached for his pants and pulled them down. She reached in and took his already hard cock out. He had a nice looking cock with a bright red head.Mom dropped to her knees. She held his cock for a moment then started licking it. Her head started bobbing up and down while she continued to suck it. She focused on the sensitive underside of the head. While sucking him she started to finger fuck herself.I got on my knees behind mom. I kissed her neck and reached around and started tugging on her nipples.Kevin started to hyperventilate. He rocked back and forth fucking her mouth. He groaned.Mom took his cock out of her mouth looked up at Keven and said,"Come for me."I was very close to his cock and was fascinated by his veins and very wet shaft.Mom's finger fucking was frantic. I could hear her wetness and smell her juices.Mom moaned around his cock,"Come, Come, Come."Kevin grabbed her head and was wildly fucking her mouth. I could sense him tensing up. His cock pulsated and his red veins started trembling. I knew he was filling her mouth with his seed.Mom kept sucking. Her mouth was frothing from his come. She groaned around his cock,"Ahhh, I love to suck cock. Ohh god, me, meee."Kevin collapsed on the table bench. He was panting and breathless. Mom got up and kissed him, her tongue swirling, sharing his come.I pulled her away from him and gave her a hot open mouthed kiss, tasting his salty come.Kevin was speechless.Mom walked naked to a water fountain and gargled. She smiled at us and swallowed.Mom and I went back to the table with Kevin. We got some funny looks from the rest of the table. We all smiled knowingly.The band kept playing and everyone kept dancing. It was a hot night and we were all sweating. The band started a conga. We got in the conga line. I held mom's hips and she put her hands on the man in front of her's ass. The band kept playing.Someone yelled "Skinny dip."We all stripped and jumped into the pool.Mom took the opportunity to get on the diving and flaunt her gorgeous body. She did a dive bomb and landed in a group of naked people. There was a lot of groping and sex games going on. Several men had noticeable erections. I pulled mom to the shallow end of the pool. She rested her back on my chest, her legs floating up and my hands on her chest. We were enjoying the warm water, the music and the naughty goings on.A young man floated over to us and introduced himself, John. I moved us to a dark corner of the pool and John followed.Mom started humping her hips up in the water. I could sense her getting horny.She spread her floating legs and pulled John to her. John started caressing her legs. When his hands reached her thighs she smiled encouragingly. John got a bit bolder and moved between her legs. His erection was poking above the water.Mom wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him close so that his erection was at her slit. I was caressing her breasts and pulling on her nipples. I looked at John and motioned him to get in her cunt.He moved in and put his hard prick in her cunt. We were all still for a moment, amazed at the brazen exposed sex. They started the endless dance of fucking. We all moved to the music. It was a magical sexual sensation.I reached under mom and cupped her ass cheeks.She was trapped between us. I could feel his cock pushing into mom. I pulled John closer and started humping my hard cock on her back.They increased the tempo of their fucking. They created soft waves with their motions. Mom sighed and started making sex sounds."Fuck meeee. Don't, stop. Ahhhh. I love sex, sex, ssssex."I grabbed John's ass and pulled him closer. I wanted to feel his cock in her. I put my cock between her ass cheeks and began humping her.John and mom got more excited and started fucking faster. I could feel his throbbing cock pulsing with come. Both of them came with an exploding orgasm. John and I wrapped our arms around mom and held her tightly while she trembled.Mom groaned, "Ahhh, Ahhhh fuck, ffuck."John pulled her to him, caressed her tits and kissed her passionately. mom took hold of both our cocks and rubbed them together. It was like an electric shot through. He smiled at both of us and floated away, his still semi hard cock bobbing in the water.Mom and I walked out of the pool, still naked with our arms around each other.We saw Fred standing by the pool. He had on the same cotton shorts and he was shirtless. He smiled at me, then took mom in his arms and gave her a hot open mouthed kiss.He said, "Is that cock I taste?"Mom smiled. She started running her hands over his muscular chest and licked his nipples. Her hands went under his shorts and fondled his prick. mom pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang free.There were some secluded padded pool lounges nearby.Mom led Fred by his cock to one. She had him sit down. She knelt and slowly licked his cock. It was hard, black and glowing with mom's saliva. The veins were popping out and the head was covered with pre come.Mom stood up. She looked at me questioningly.I smiled and said, "Go ahead. You know you want to. I want you to do it too."Mom straddled Fred's hard cock and in one swoop she sat down on it.Fred's hands were pulling on her tits. He put one hand behind her and stuck his finger in her ass.I walked over to them and started rubbing my cock on her back and neck. I left a trail of pre come.Mom was grinding her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit on his pubic bone.Fred's big cock was soaked with mom's juices. Mom's movements were becoming erratic, her breath short, her chest inflamed flush red, her tits bouncing to their combined sex moves. She would pause then instead sit tightly on his cock and flex her cunt muscles.I kissed her neck and said,"Mommy, fuck him, fuck him, I'll watch."Fred grimaced and pulled mom all the way down on his cock. His veins were pulsing and his balls tight. His groin covered by mom's juices. Fred's ass was rising and his muscles were glistening. He nearly threw mom off with his frantic motions. He groaned and I could see him pumping his seed into mom.Mom, "Oh my fucking God. Fuck me, meeee, Ahhh, cock, cock, coming."I reached down and squeezed the base of his cock. I put my arms around mom and murmured sweet words of love to her.Fred held her tightly and panted in her ear, "Whhhat tight cunt, fuck"We heard some people coming. We quickly untangled ourselves, hugged Fred and headed for our room. In the room mom had me lay on my back on the bed. She straddled my face and rode her cunt all over it. I was smothered in her cunt and could taste Fred and John's come.Mom turned around and swallowed my cock. I was so aroused I immediately came in her mouth. We rested, had a nightcap of Rose wine. We fell asleep happy and contented in each others arms.
04-07-2021, at 10:55 AM

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