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The walk home

Post #1

The walk home? The walk homeA black, new looking car honked it's horn in rapid succesion as it slowly passed a mostly red, and fully naked, rabbit on the nearby sidewalk. Bunny, as he went by to most, blushed as he watched the car pass, unable to see the driver through the heavily tented windows, but he didn't bother covering himself up. He couldn't cover his large cock with both paws even if he wanted to, the already rock hard foot plus of his length throbbing and bouncing loosely in the cool air as the red rabbit inwardly hoped the person in the black car enjoyed the show.Bunny giggled softly as the black sedan sped back up and continued down the street, soon dissapearing into the night. It wasn't the first time he had gotten spotted on his nude walk home. Not that he minded one bit. In fact all the approving honks and shocked stares he was geting were turning him on more and more. He looked down at his twitching member, shivvering as he watched precum drool heavily from the tip and down onto the sidewalk below him. He felt like he was about to pop already just from all the excitement, but he knew he had to hurry up and get home. It was pretty unlikely with how many times he'd been spotted that no one had called the cops on him yet.The mostly red rabbit stroked idly at the white fur of his chest as he glanced around the dark, now quiet street. There were much fewer street lights here then where he had started. He actually wasn't afriad to be naked in public, in fact, he loved it. This time, however, he hadn't been given much of a choice. He had been out shopping not far from where he lived when he was literally dragged into a alleyway and brutally ****d...Not that he minded that either. In fact, a huge load he had shot all over himself after his r****t had left was just now starting to finish drying, leaving his red face and most of the white fur of his tummy and chest matted.The 'problem' was that the horse that ****d the bunny had torn his clothes to shreads, leaving him to get home cum-splattered with cum leaking from his abused ass. Again, he didn't actually really mind that much.Bunny had only gone about two blocks now, and countless stares and pointing strangers later, he was almost home. The rabbit slid a paw sensually down the white, cum stained fur of his chest as he rounded the corner of the street he was on, his other paw reaching out to glide his fingers across the cool metal of a street sign pole, a dreamy giggle escaping his muzzle. This always felt so amazing to him. Feeling the wind blowing over his exposed body. The naughty sensation of feeling his naked fur against all sorts of surfaces not meant to be touched by naked flesh. The thought that there could be dozens of sets of eyes on his tight butt or rock hard cock at any moment...The horny rabbit had to stop in his path as the warmth in his groin started to grow with burning intensity through his whole body. He closed his eyes tightly and shivvered, a deep groan echoing through the mostly quiet street as the bunny nearly came just from his own lustful thoughts. The only other sound, besides the normal city noise, was a quiet, gentle splattering as a few short, thin spurts of precum shot from his throbbing cock.Bunny blinked as he finally opened his eyes again, giggling and panting heavily as the pleasure slowly went away, at least enough that he could start walking again, the rabbit carelessly walking through the small puddle of precum he made on the sidewalk as he continued on. He wanted to at least get home before he came again, mostly because he wasn't sure he wouldn't pass out this time. Passing out naked on the side of the street sounded fun, but probally wasn't a good idea.The red rabbit grinned thoughtfully as he gazed at the moderate sized park he was walking by. It was really close to where he lived, and he realized he would probally get home a bit quicker if he cut through it. He was enjoying his little walk, but he was also in a hurry to get home so he could go ahead and enjoy himself...over and over...The park was modest, little more then a set of benches here and there. A single, smooth concrete path lead through it, curving slightly. Bunny padded quietly down the path, swishing his butt seductivly with each step as he looked around at the simple, but relaxing scenery, the buildings around the park barely even visable through the thick batches of trees. The park was unsprisingly quiet at that time of the night, though the rabbit vaugley remembered hearing something about a gang hanging out there. He shrugged uncaringly, assuming it was just some silly rumor, and turned his attention back down to his still throbbing member, giggling to himself as he watched it leave drops of precum between his feet as he walked."Well, wha'do we have here?" A deep voice made Bunny stop in his tracks, the rabbit nearly falling over as he looked up and stumbled backwards. He blinked in shock, staring wide-eyed at the group that had appeared seemingly out out of nowhere in front of him. Bunny took a quick look around, shocked to see he was more then halfway through the park now. He must have been not paying attention for awhile after all."Laundry day...Nothing clean, right?" Smirked a mostly grey wolf in a leather jacket, who was standing next to the dragon that first spoke. Bunny blushed and looked over at the wolf, the rabbit not even sure how to respond."Ah...Right...!" He agreed with a nervous chuckle, taking a step back as he looked over the mostly rough looking group, at least a dozen of them. By the way they were dressed, they were definatly the gang he had assumed wasn't real. The red rabbit gulped as the dragon and wolf both took a step toward him, followed by the rest of the group."Take it you havn't heard that this is our park?" The dragon tilted his head in mocking curiosity as he moved in close to the naked rabbit. Bunny wasn't short by far, but this dragon stood at least two feet above him. He tilted his head up to meet the dragon's red eyes, the ember coloured orbs gazing down at him powerfully. The dragon was much less dressed then the leather clad wolf, wearing only a pair of loose cargo shorts, leaving his black, smooth scaled chest bare for the rabbit to admire as he looked away from the dragon's eyes."I...I was just leaving..." He stammered meekly. Bunny was no coward, but from the obvious muscles on the dragon's exposed upper body, he knew he wouldn't stand a chance against him alone. And the dragon wasn't alone.Bunny glanced around the tall dragon at the rest of the group. Most of them were buff, tough looking males, a couple other wolves, a horse, and various others species. There were also a few other rabbits, and a couple of foxes. A few of them Bunny thought were females at first, but on a closer look he noticed undeniable buldges in their groins. All of them were definately male, if some of them very girly...And, the red rabbit noticed with a blush, they were all started to get biggerand bigger buldges."So you think you can just trot in here like this..." The dragon gestured to the rabbit's naked body, making the red bunny blush as he saw a few in the group licking their lips almost hungerly."Come in and wave that big cock around..." The dragon reached down and gripped Bunny's throbbing shaft with a smooth paw as he spoke, giving it a tug before letting it go. The red rabbit shivvered and humped at the air with a frustrated groan as the paw left his drooling cock."And then you think you can just leave?" Bunny opened his mouth to say something, but the black dragon didn't give him time to respond."I say we show this bitch not to be a show off on our turf, whatdya say, guys?" The bare-chested dragon bellowed at his gang, the mixed group of masculine and girlyboi furs cheering in agreement.Bunny's eyes grew wider then ever at the sight of the group getting riled up, his heart pounding in fear, his cock throbbing even harder then before in want of it. He took a step or two back as the more masculine members of the gang stepped towards him, quickly surrounding him, the dragon and the wolf standing in front. The red rabbit trembled as he glanced around at the tightly closing circle of furs around him, unable to hold back a happy grin any longer as they closed in. They hardly wasted any time, several sets of paws grabbing roughly at the rabbit's shoulders and thighs, forcing him face down onto the ground effortlessly, the bunny trembling as his acheingly hard cock was forceably grinded against the cool grass.Bunny fought against the multiple strong paws that were holding him down, more so just because he enjoyed it then to actually try to get away, and they knew it...Though he knew they wouldn't stop even if he didn't want it anyway. The thought only turned the rabbit on even more, making him struggle and fidgit more, only to feel the paws at his shoulders and hips push down harder.He tried to tilt his head back to look at what was going on behind him as he heard several of the masculine males argueing, the bunny blushing as he realized they were fighting about who got to pound his ass first. He started to pant and groan heavily as he wondered who it would be, shamelessly excited by the thought he was probably going to get fucked by each and every one of them anyway.Before he could get a good look at the fur who was chosen to take his tailhole first, Bunny felt a paw at his jaw, yanking his head rather roughly to face forward. He cringed and clenched his now acheing jaw, but his mind quickly filled with lust again as he saw the thick canine shaft in front of him a mere few inches away from his muzzle."Suck." A voice commanded simply, Bunny reconizing the voice as the wolf in the leather jacket. The lust filled rabbit didn't need to be told twice, especially not from the owner of such a massive wolf cock. The paw slid from his chin as the bunny lifted his head up, sliding his tongue out and firmly licking the warm, thick cock on his way up. Bunny giggled happily as he heard the wolf let out a deep, pleasured growl, giving the drooling cocktip a playful little kiss before starting to slowly wrap his lips around it.A sharp pain exploded in the rabbit's tailhole just as he was getting started sucking the wolf, making him squeal around the thick cock in his mouth. He tried to pull his head back, but a paw gripped suddenly at the back of his head, holding him in place and forcing his head down more as the other even thicker cock kept forcing it's way into him deeper and deeper.His tailhole had already tightened completly from his **** earlier. The red rabbit had always had a 'gift' of a tailhole that never stayed loosened up, and from the moaning coming from behind him, the male, who felt like another canine, pounding into him obviously was enjoying the bunny's 'gift'. Bunny found himself enjoying the brutal fucking after just a few moments himself as the burning pain started to subside, replaced with pleasure that grew with each rought thrust of the massive canid cock.The thick wolf cock in the red rabbit's muzzle was thrusting even rougher, making him struggle not to gag as with each increasingly deep thrust the heavily drooling tip started to jab at the back of his throat. Bunny moaned blissfully around the long, pulsing shaft, rolling his tongue around the underside when he wasn't eargerly gulping the steadily growing stream of the wolf pre. The pace of both the huge canine cocks pummeling into each of his openings was growing rapidly, the thrusting growing so rough the bunny could do little besides groan blissfully as he was shoved brutally back and forth on the duo of thick canine shafts.Bunny opened his hazy eyes halfway as he heard a couple of the gang members arguing about smething, only vauegly able to make out the voices through the pleasure overfilling his mind. He could tell the canine behind him was getting close, the rough thrusting into his squeezing tailhole growing weaker and more shallow. Someone was telling the canine not to knot 'the slut', which Bunny realized with a blush must be him. He closed his eyes again and turned his attention back to sucking the thick shaft in his mouth, but it felt like only seconds before he felt the canine behind him ram all but the knot of his rather large cock into his tailhole, hot dog seed flowing into his insides from the pulsing cock like a hose.Bunny tried to scream as pain and pleasure exploded in his tailhole, but the lengthy wolf cock in his mouth exploded soon after, overfilling his mouth with just the first two massive, gooey jets of wolf cum. The red rabbit trembled as he tried to keep up with the powerful flow, his cheeks swelling as thick cum sputtered out around the wolf's cock and against his swollen knot. The canines yelped and howled in bliss as they kept cumming into the bunny in unison, his white belly starting to swell slightly before the countless, thick spurts finally tapered off."Flip the slut over." Bunny heard someone say, but he was still too weak from the rough fucking from both ends to even bother looking. He groaned softly as he felt a couple sets of paws turn him over onto his back, his still rock hard cock slapping wetly against his stomach. He wondered for a moment when the wolf and the other canine had even pulled out of him, or even if he had came himself or passed out for a little bit. His chest and stomach were already fairly wet with his own fluids, but he was drooling precum so heavily now that the wetness in his fur could be pre alone.The rabbit only had a few moments to even think about it before a soft pressure on his chest made him open his eyes. He blinked as he looked up at the lithe, girly fox on his chest, who grinned impishly and winked down at him, a fluffy, well groomed tail swishing raised up in the air behind the fox. It didn't take long for Bunny to notice the fox was bottomless now, and he didn't argue as the effiminate vulpine started to lower himself down on his twitching shaft without a word.The girly fox tilted his head back and let out a long, slightly pained whimper as the first few inches of the red rabbit's cock popped into him. Bunny shivvered at feel of the fox's suprisingly tight warmth, grinning proudly as he saw how much trouble the girlyboi was having, knowing he most likely reguarly takes the other rather big males in his gang. He didn't have long though to watch the effiminate vulpine split himself open on his cock before someone else's girthy cock filled his vision.He opened his mouth wide without even thinking about it, the drooling member forcing it's way down his throat all at once before he even got a chance to get a good look at it. Bunny let out a muffled groan around it, rolling his tongue attentivly along the suprisingly thick, warm shaft as it started to pound in and out of his mouth without a moments hesitation. Whoever this one belonged to, he was thick. So thick it made his jaw hurt, but they wern't as long as either of the canines.Bunny let out a loud, muffled grunt as a familiar, sharp pain surged through his bottom half again, the new, throbbing cock in his still tight tailhole starting to jackhammer in and out of him as soon as it popped in. He moaned heavily around the extremly thick cock in his muzzle, thankful that they were more gentle. The thicker cock thrusted very slowly in his mouth, grinding roughly forward each time it hilted, a set of very heavy balls slapping him in the forehead with each steady thrust.On his other end, the other male kept pummeling his tailhole mercilessly fast, a loud, wet slapping sound starting to echo through the park with each rapid thrust. Bunny had almost forgotten about the fox riding his own member until he felt the vulpine's soft rump slam down against his groin, the girly vulpine hilting himself completly on the bunny's sizeable shaft.Bunny shivvered under the three males all over him, knowing he won't last much longer in the fox's very tight warmth. His own quickly approaching orgasm must have made his own tailhole squeeze tighter, as the lengthy cock in him suddenly stopped with one more rough thrust. One of the groaning voices, likely the owner of the cock in his tailhole, grew into a loud, blissful moan, and warm cum started pumping deep into the bunny's insides yet again.Bunny tensed under the girlyboi on top of him as it just became too much to hold back any longer for the poor oversexed rabbit, his tailhole clamping down on the splurting cock in his tailhole, milking it for every drop as his own pent up orgasm errupted powerfully into the fox on top of him, the vulpine whimpering like a bitch in heat as the red rabbit pumped seeming endless ropes of cum into him.The rabbit moaned blissfully around the massivly thick cock in his mouth, but soon could only gurgle as the other male joined in. His eyes widened as the thick member pulsed even thicker, paste-thick cum errupting from it in what felt like one constant flood. Bunny gulped desperatly as he tried to keep up, the thick, hot flow of seed lasting past his own orgasm. He only dimly felt it as the shaft pulled out of his tailhole, his still hard cock slapping against his wet stomach as the fox pulled off of him too. After uncounted seconds, the thick member slid out of his mouth too, the last few sprays of thick cum splattering his face.Bunny let his body fall limp on the cool ground as the last set of paws let him go, his chest heaving heavily as he tried to catch his breath. He only had a few seconds though before a pair of large, strong paws grabbed him by the ankles, lifting the rabbit's limp body like a rag doll. He could barely manage to open his eyes through all the thick cum on his face to see the dragon above him. His cargo shorts, the only thing the dragon had been wearing before, were gone, and Bunny widened his eyes at the sight of the black dragon's member. The heavily drooling dragon meat made his own cock feel almost tiny. He clenched his sore jaw, his tailhole feeling sore too at just the sight of it. It looked like it would not only rip him in half but could also come out his other end.The dragon only grinned at the fearful look in the already heavily abused rabbit's eyes. But his face turned to amused shock when the bunny smiled too and spread his legs eagerly. "Size queen.." He smirked as he used both of his claws to lower the monsterous dragon cock down towards the abused, leaking tailhole. Bunny giggled and winked back at the dragon. He couldn't deny it. The fact he couldn't wait to get that thick dragon cock, which couldn't be measured in inches,in him was proof enough.Before the massive dragon shaft could even touch the rabbit's tailhole, the others who still hadn't had their turn crowded around again. Some of them gave up on waiting, and just stroked at any open spot on the red rabbit's naked body while they pawed themselves over him. Bunny shivvered as he looked up at the countless cocks over him, big and small, and huge. Some of them made more precum then others, dropplets of pre raining down all over him. A mostly brown rabbit, shorter then Bunny but just as girly, pushed past the small crowd and hopped on top of him eagerly.Bunny grinned lewdly up at the fellow rabbit, who blushed shyly as he started to lower himself on the red rabbit's larger bunny cock. Almost immeatidly after the drooling tip popped in, the smaller, brown bunny threw his head back with a lustful shout, slaming himself down on the red rabbit's thick cock the rest of the way to the hilt all at once. Bunny groaned and giggled at the sight. This girlyboy rabbit was a bit more of a cockslut then the fox, or at the very least more impatient. The girly brown bunny barely waited a second before he started to slide up and down rapidly on the red rabbit's pulsing length.Bunny tilted his head back, moaning in bliss at the feel of the other rabbit's hot tailhole squeezing along his shaft. He didn't even notice the thick horse cock in front of him until it abruptly rammed into his open mouth. Thick precum flooded over his tongue in the short time it took him to register what was in his muzzle, though he was already sucking eagerly on the throbbing equine dick before he even realized it anyway. He groaned dizzily around the thick member in his mouth as he felt another orgasm approaching quickly from the rabbit enthusiasticly riding his cock, his climax feeling even closer as he felt one of the males pawing over him start spurting thick ropes of their cum all over his stomach and chest.Just as Bunny was thinking the sensations were almost too much, his lower half exploded with pain again for the third, and by far most intense, time as what he thought at first was someones arm forceably rammed deep into his tailhole. He opened his eyes wide and whined in pain around the horse cock still buried deepin his muzzle, his head held in place by it as he tried to look back what was tearing his hole open. He blushed as he wondered how he could possibly forget about the dragon that was about to mount him, and the size of his massive cock. It felt even bigger then it looked. Bunny cringed, huffing and panting the little bit he was able to breathe with a mouthful of horse cock, barely able to keep giving the attention it deserved as burning pain throbbed in his entire bottom half.The horse taking the red bunny from the front quickly grew impatient and started to roughly face fuck him, holding the rabbit's head in place by his long,floppy ears as he plowed his huge equine shaft deep into his throat. Bunny wasglad for his experience with large cocks as he did his best to breathe through his nose while the thick, throbbing shaft pummeled deep into his muzzle, the horse roughly forcing him to deepthroat several inches with each thrust.The dragon taking Bunny from the other end let out a labored grunt as he slammed his weight forward, making the red rabbit squeal around the horse cock as countless more inches of massive dragon cock plowed into him. He let out a muffled, pained whine as the dragon kept forcing more and more of his monsterous cock in before his still tight, abused tailhole could even start to adjust. His vision blurred a bit from the pain, not that he could see anything besides the horse's heavy, huge balls swinging toward his face with each of the equine's rough thrusts.Bunny was moments from the pain being too much to handle when the searing pain slowly started to turn into hot, burning pleasure. That familiar, tingly warmth washed over the red bunny's trembling body as he adjusted to something pounding his hole that was much too huge for it, and he practicly screamed around the horse's thrusting member as he came for the third time that night, his whole body quaking as he shot powerful spurts of his seed deep into the brown rabbit that was still straddling him. The other bunny let out a sharp, feminine squeal and shot his load right after, sending strings of rabbit cum raining down over Bunny's face and chest as he pumped his own cum into the other rabbit's clenching tailhole.The massive dragon cock in his own tailhole started to thrust into Bunny even harder even as he orgasmed, only making him cum even harder and longer. The girly bunny on top of him had a noticably distended belly by the time his orgasm finally stopped, and the brown rabbit panted heavily as he slid off the red bunny's cock and fell to the side, spent. Bunny barely even noticed, his attention already back on the huge cock's hammering into both of his openings.The horse was still face fucking him relentlessly, precum now drooling so heavily from the throbbing equine member that Bunny had trouble gulping it down between breathes. The dragon was getting more and more into it, starting to jackhammer into his tailhole in shallow thrusts. Of course with this gifted dragon, 'shallow' meant around half a foot. Bunny wasn't sure how far he was even in yet,but it already felt like the throbbing, monsterously huge dragon cock was practically jabbing at his lungs. He was already preing like a river too. Bunny blushed and whined around the horse's cock as he felt his tummy buldging even more as all the horse and dragon pre added to the last few warm loads still in his belly.Bunny twitched one of his widely spread legs and groaned dizzily as he noticed someone else climbing on top of him. Whoever it was, they didn't wasteany time as they slammed themselves down on his own still throbbing cock. Bunny could only groan helplessly as they started to roughly ride his member, still sensative from his last orgasm, the red rabbit barely able to move as both the horse and the dragon increased their pace. The dragon's powerful thrusts quickly grew less and less shallow, and Bunny trembled as he felt the massivly thick shaft pressing deeper and deeper into him. He groaned and panted around the horses pulsing cock as he half expected the dragon's massive cock to skewer all the way through him at any moment.The rough fucking from both sides went on and on for what felt like hours. Bunny groaned in tortured bliss around the massive horse cock plowing deep inhis sore muzzle, his tailhole even more sore from the even more massive dragon cock slamming unbelievably deep into his insides. He had already lost count of how many others had shot their own loads all over him. Nearly every inch of his red and white fur was soaked with the thick cum of at least a dozen different furs, and from the sounds of it, several of them had came back over and were pawing themselves and eachother over him again.Bunny felt an intense warmth blast through his body, barely noticing his own orgasm through the pleasure of the massive dragon cock overfilling his insides. He breifly tried to remember how many times he had cum now, but he decided he didn't care, the red, cum soaked bunny trembling as he painted yet another furs insides with his seed. He realized he never even got a look at this one as he felt them climb off of his spent, still hard cock.Most of the gang of furs around him were starting to get tired, but the two spitroasting the bunny were still pounding him roughly from both sides. Bunny was starting to wonder just how long this had been going on when the horse suddenly slammed forward, hilting the long, thick horse cock down his throat, the red bunny grunting as the equine's heavy, musky sack slapped him roughly in the face. He cringed as the heavy horse cock flared deep in his throat, shivvering as he felt his plumpened belly swelling even more as hot, thick equine seed blasted straight down his throat. The dragon kept pounding the rabbit from behind as the horse stayed buried balls deep in his muzzle, cum seeming to spray endlessly like a firehose from it.After what felt like minutes the huge, flared equine shaft yanked out of his mouth forcefully, coming out with a loud, wet pop. Bunny rested his head weakly on the grassy ground and licked his lips. There wasn't even a drop of the horse's cum left in his mouth. The horse had made sure every last drop of it had shot straight into his stomach. Bunny groaned as he lifted his head up to look down at himself, giggling at the sight of his hard cock propped up on his swollen, wet stomach. He turned his gaze up as the dragon stopped thrusting into him for a moment and lifted his spread legs up, resting them on his broad, scaley shoulders. The dragon grinned down at him lustfully, and Bunny grinned back, knowing what was coming.Taking advantage of the better position, the dragon started brutally pounding into the rabbit's heavily used tailhole even faster and harder, throwing all of his weight into every long, savage thrust. Bunny squealed each time the thick, massive dragon cock slammed home, his entire body feeling like it was about to split in half as the monsterously huge cock hilted his tailhole. He blushed as he heard the others chuckling and joking about how much 'the bitch' was enjoying it. They were obviously enjoying the show too, as he felt one of them cum all over his chest and face, forcing him to close his eyes again. The dragon didn't even seem phased, continuing to pound deep inside the cum-stained bunny.Bunny moaned louder and louder as the dragon pounded into his much too small tailhole like he was a lifeless fucktoy, his moans turning into blissful shouting that echoed through the whole park. Bunny didn't know how the dragon hadn't cum yet, but he was already about to burst again himself. The unbelievably massive cock jackhammering into him, the feel of literally every inch of his body covered in too many loads to count, the fact this was all happening in the open in a was too much. His whole body tensed and started to quake as he felt himself getting close, another orgasm building almost torturingly slow this time, pleasure burning in his groin as he teetered just on the edge.The dragon must have noticed. He chuckled sadisticly as he slowed his rough thrusting just enough to keep the bunny from cumming. Bunny clawed up clumps of grass under him as he groaned in sexual frustration. This dragon knew what he was doing. He sped up, pumping the massive, pulsing cock deeper and deeper, then slowing down almost to a stop as the whimpering bunny got close again."Don't stop!! Harder, damnit!!" Bunny screamed suddenly, huffing and panting as he opened his eyes to look around at the gang of furs, who were apparently shocked by his sudden outburst. The cum-soaked, sex-addled rabbit didn't care though. He just started, frustrated, at the group as he tried to force himself back down on the dragon's massive member.The dragon grinned down at him confidently, flashing him a 'you asked for it' look before nodding to the rest of the group. Bunny wondered for a moment what the dragon was telling them to get ready for, but he soon didn't care about anything but the massive cock in his tailhole as it started to jackhammer deep inside him again. Bunny tilted his head back and started moaning at the top of his lungs again, starting to get close again already as the dragon brutally pounded into him even harder then before, the massive, drooling cock sliding all the way out to the tip before slamming back in all at once, the dragon keeping up a rapid pace despite the increadable length.Bunny trembled as he actually tried not to cum now, wanting to enjoy the rough fucking for awhile longer, but it wasn't long before he came harder then any of the other countless orgasms before, rope after rope of bunnycum spraying up in the air and raining down all over himself. The massive dragon cock kept plowing deep into him through his orgasm for a few moments, barely even slowed down by his tightly clenching hole, the entire length roughly slamming fully into the bunny just as he was almost finished cumming, forcing a couple more thick ropes out of the rabbit.Just as his own cum stopped spraying over him, he heard a dozen others moan, yip and howl almost at the exact same time, the dragon roaring blissfully over all of them, the park filling with the noises. Countless ropes of cum sprayed down over him from all directions, splattering him heavily over his face, ears, stomach and legs, each person aiming for a different part of the bunny. The massive dragon cock buried to the hilt inside him errupted with more force then all the others combined, blast after blast of hot dragon cum exploding into his already cum-filled insides, mixing with the multiple other loads. Thick ropes of cum started to burst forcefully around the base of the dragon's thick cock as it heavily overfilled him. Thick cum seemed to rain down endlessly in gooey spurts over every inch of his body, a few ending quickly, others dragging on and heavily soaking batches of his fur, excess cum oozing down his sides and soaking the grass under him.The massive, pulsing cock slowly pulled out of his abused tailhole after cumming what felt like gallons, the dragon whiping his thick tip off on the bunny's fuzzy, white balls before standing up. Bunny stayed on the ground, a goofy, happy grin on his face, the utterly cum soaked rabbit lost in the blissful haze of a powerful afterglow. He could hear the gang of furs casually talking and joking as they got their clothes and got dressed, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying over his own panting. Or maybe he just felt too good at the moment to even care.Bunny sighed as he finally caught his breath, giggling happily as he reached up to whipe the cum from his eyes. He blinked as he sat up, his vision slowly returned to him, blushing as he realized it was starting to get light out already. The whole gangbang must have gone on for quite a long time. Most of the gang of furs itself had already left, others still heading down the paved road out of the park in groups of two or three, chatting casually with eachother as they walked, as if nothing unusual had just happened. Bunny turned his gaze to the dragon, who was still kneeling in front of him, his scaley, black tail swaying impatiently as he stared at the naked, cum drenched rabbit."About time..." The dragon chuckled as Bunny finally came to his senses. "Just wanted to let you know." The dragon continued as he leaned in close to stare into the rabbit's eyes. "If we ever see you here again, we'll just have to teach you a lesson again...only worse next time." The dragon grinned evilly and winked. Bunny grinned back impishly. They both knew exactly what he meant. And they both knew they would all be looking forward to another group "****" session.Without another word the large, black dragon stood and adjusted his cargo shorts, his large, only half erect cock still buldging obcenely through the thick fabric. Bunny shakily stood to his feet as the dragon turned and headed off after the rest of his group. He looked down at his naked body, blushing and giggling at the sight of his cum swollen belly. The rest of his body was so drenched in cum that he almost looked more like a solid white rabbit then a red and white one. He reached down to give his own cock a firm squeeze, the shaft sensative from all the cumming, but still hard despite all of it. Despite all that had happened to him tonight, all the times he had been ****d from both ends, he was stilll rock hard. Or maybe he was still hard because of all it...Bunny shrugged and giggled, not really caring either way. He kept stroking idly at his sensative member as he wobbily padded down the paved path through the park, warm cum leaking steadily out of his swishing butt. He would be practically home by the time he passed through the park, though he wasn't sure yet if he would paw off again or just fall right to sleep once he hit the comfortable bed waiting for him in his bedroom. Either way he blushed and giggled as he wondered if anyone would see him before he could get inside. It was dawn already and light was starting to flood into the streets quickly.The naked, cum soaked, and still hard, red and white rabbit shambled out of the park and out into the city street carelessly, pawing himself slowly as he padded on towards to where he lived like it was just any other day, not even paying any mind to anyone who may be watching. He smiled happily as his lustful mind played out the next encounter he'd likely be having with that gang of furs in the park.One thing was for sure. He'd be cutting through that park every single time he was out on a walk from that day on.
04-07-2021, at 10:55 AM

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