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Amie's Outdoor Fun

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Amie's Outdoor Funby NehighlanderThis is the latest of Amie's adventures with black men. This happened last fall and due to being very busy, I am just now getting around to posting this:It had been awhile since she had fucked Jackson after she had danced in a strip club. She had repeatedly expressed to me that she wanted to have some fun with another black man or men and she had more than once told me she would really love to get together with Jackson again. I totally nixed that idea as I could not stand that smug son of a bitch and I did not want him anywhere near Amie. I know why she desired him, though not very good looking he is physically imposing and supremely confident and his monster black cock was the biggest she had ever had and he would be the alpha male in most any situation. He certainly took charge in that hotel room we invited him to. I must admit I was intimidated by him as he was an ex boxer and the size of his black cock made me feel incredibly jealous when I thought of her desire for him. No matter how much pouting she did I refused to let her be with him. Besides, we had decided to start a family and she had gone off birth control so in my mind sharing her fertile pussy with anyone else was out totally of the question.The second week of September brought nice weather so Amie and I decided to go hiking and with the summer tourists gone but before the leaf peepers we figured a mid week hike would be pretty solitary. We also thought we could have some fun making love outdoors. Before we left Amie showered and walked out of the bathroom totally nude with her makeup kit, sat on the arm of the couch and and put on some light makeup. Her tan lines from her skimpy bikini she wore this summer were still evident but with just a bit less contrast. She usually had all her pussy waxed totally bare but recently had started having it waxed bare except for a little 1/2" wide landing strip. When done she slowly walks across the room to a chair where her clothes were laying and got dressed in khaki cargo shorts and a lightweight button up white cotton shirt with no bra. Just a hint of her nipples showed through the thin fabric. As she got dressed I admired her petite 5'2" 115 lb shapely figure, her body is firmer than most 32 year old women. I think her face is gorgeous, with pretty blue eyes and I just marveled at how lucky I was to be with her..As mentioned earlier, we had hoped to find a place to stop and make love in the outdoors, one of our favorite things to do. We brought along a blanket and a couple of towels as well as snacks and drinks in our backpacks. I drove my Jeep to the parking area and parked. We took off on this fairly easy and little used hiking trail that led up a one side of a mountain and down around a small lake with very few houses on it. We were planning on stopping at this secluded spot lakeside, have a bite to eat , maybe swim and make love.As we hiked, I liked to hang back every once in a while and watch Amie's pretty backside as she picked her way along the trail. Her shapely ass was accentuated perfectly in her khaki shorts. She was wearing her past shoulder length blond hair in a pony tail and swung back and forth as she walked. When we got to the spot by the lake we were disappointed to see a young couple there. They were very young, maybe 17 or 18 and they looked pretty sheepish. Amie and I glanced at each other and smiled, they had come here for the same reason as us. Fortunately for us they were done and left quickly, the young man say goodbye with her smiling and red faced.We decided to wait a bit to make sure they were long gone before stripping down and taking a quick dip and get down to our lovemaking. We broke out a couple of those small travel cartons of wine and sipped on them as we nibbled on nuts, cheese and crackers. When I had enough of that I leaned in and kissed Amie and as we made out I started unbuttoning her shirt and she reached down and unzipped my shorts and fondled my cock as I cupped her tits. We were just about to disrobe when we heard some voices in the woods. Amie quickly pulled the front of her shirt together as I zipped up and I said, "Shit, there is never anyone here. What's going on?"We sat there on our blanket hoping they would just pass by but as we sat there the voices kept getting closer and we could now hear them tramping through the woods. I turned and looked as they came down the path and I was surprised to see they were 2 young black men. They were in the middle of passing a joint when they saw us and stopped short and the taller of the two put the joint behind his back. They spoke low to each other and walked down towards where we were sitting. The taller man had shorts on and was shirtless with with his shirt thrown over his right shoulder and he was wearing a baseball cap . He was well over 6' and broad shouldered with a chiseled muscular chest and slender waist with six pack abs. The shorter of the two was still around 6' tall was more muscular over all with a barrel chest and big strong arms and huge hands. He had on blue jeans and a white tank top. They both had big gold watches on and various rings and gold chains around their necks. The taller one was very dark, almost black and the other one was also very dark, just more brown. The taller one had a shaved head and the other had close cropped hair.They walked by us and down to the water and as they passed us they nodded and one of them said, "Hey." They walked to the lake and as they did they both glanced over their shoulders at us with the taller of the two looking back longer, appearing to look Amie up and down. The other guy then looks back again and then does a quick double take and flashes Amie a smile. It was then I recognized him and it was Barry, the black guy I had seen Amie flirting with at her gym. He had changed since I had seen him last, he had bulked up considerably and was now bulging with muscles and had huge arms with bulging biceps. Amie smiles brightly at him and gives him a little wave. They stood at the lake talking quietly, glancing back at us occasionally. Amie and I just sat there, I was pissed off because I wasn't getting laid so I sat there fuming. I glanced over at Amie and I noticed her shirt top was still unbuttoned, pulled just enough together to cover her breasts. I wanted to button her up but restrained myself, hoping they wouldn't notice. Amie seemed unconcerned and sat there unbuttoned to her waist, leaning back on her hands and talking about what a beautiful day it was.After awhile the two of them turned around and walked away from the water's edge toward us and as they approached they both smiled at Amie and her face brightened and smiled back. Barry says, "Hi Amie, real nice to see you. This is my friend Darrell.""Hi Barry and nice to meet you Darrell." Amie cooed.The two of them sit on a big rock in front of us and the four of us sat there for a few moments not saying anything and finally I broke the silence by asking, "You guys come here often?"Barry answers, "Not really, I'd been here a few times and Darrell is up here from New York and I told him about it so we took a little walk and here we are. This place is usually pretty deserted this time of year.""We weren't expecting anyone either." I retorted. "We usually have the place to ourselves."They both were now really checking out Amie, looking her up and down. I tried to make small talk and asked Darrell, "So Darrell, you're from New York City?Darrell replied, "Yeah, the Bronx actually.""What brings you up here? You're pretty far from home." Amie asked.They glance at each other and both grin and Darrell answers, "Let's just say I came up to visit my man Barry and to buy some local crop. You've got some good farmers up here!"I knew exactly what they were talking about and I glanced at Amie and she just grinned. I noticed her shirt was opened up more, showing more of her pretty breasts, I could see just a bit of her right areola. I glanced at Darrell and Barry and their eyes were glued to her chest area, really making no effort to hide their lust."I haven't seen you at the gym lately. Where have you been?" Amie asks Barry."I moved to the city for a while, I moved back recently though there ain't much to do up here, except I've missed seeing you at the gym." He answers, flirting with Amie."Thank!" retorts Amie, "I've missed talking to you too."We fall into another awkward silence until Barry finally says, "Sooooo, what were you planning to do here, go swimming?"Before I could answer, My wife pipes up with, "Yeah, we were getting ready to when you two showed up."They glance at each other and Barry says, "Don't let us stop you. It's a great day for a swim!"Amie laughs and says coyly, "That might be a problem, I have no bathing suit."Don't let that stop you." Darrell says with a laugh, "We don't have any either and it is pretty warm today. I could use a swim also."I could see where this was going and I stammered, "Uh, uh, Amie...We had better pack up and get out of here, it's getting late."Amie laughs and says, "Oh, I'm not ready to go yet, I want to go swimming." With that she stands up and slips her shirt off her shoulders, baring her lovely tits. I could see her nipples crinkling a bit and getting erect either from the coolness or excitement or both. She is blushing a little as she unfastens her shorts and they drop to her ankles. She then slips her lacy panties off her hips and pulls them down, baring her pretty little pussy which was bare except for the tiniest of dark blond landing strips. Once naked she slowly walks by Barry and Darrell. They follow her every move as she does, wide eyed with both of their mouths hanging open.Barry says, "Shit! That's one of the finest asses ever placed on a woman!" Darrell just whistled and nodded in agreement."Are you men going skinny dipping with me or are you too shy?" Asks Amie seductively, looking over her shoulder at us as she sticks her toe in the water. Darrell and Barry stood up and looked at each other and then looked at me. I was stunned and confused at what was happening and didn't know how to respond. In an instant they were peeling off their clothes and once disrobed I noticed that Darrell's big black cock was nearly fully erect, it bobbed up and down as he walked. Barry's cock was uncircumcised and was probably 6" or so long while limp.I was trying to figure out what was going to happen. It certainly looked like my wife was going to fuck these two young black strangers and with us having no condoms with us and not having them be tested for STDs it would be a risky thing for her to do. I kept thinking "Why didn't we leave when they showed up before this got out of hand? This feeling was not helped by the fact that about a month before Amie had stopped taking the birth control pill so we could try and make a baby together. Why was Amie doing this, knowing the risks?" Here we were in the middle of nowhere with two black strangers and I suddenly noticed that amongst Darrell's clothes there was a grip of a handgun sticking out a little. I suddenly felt a sense of real danger with Amie fully exposed and totally vulnerable to these strangers.I was shaken from my thoughts by Amie calling to me, "Hey Bob, are you coming in? The water is great!" Amie was standing in the water just deep enough to half cover her breasts with her nipples fully erect from the cool water splashing up on them. Her long blond hair was gathered up and with the yellow sunlight was reflecting off the water and I couldn't help but marvel at what a stunning vision she was.Darrell was swimming around behind her like a shark circling in for the kill and Barry was standing in the water next to Amie talking quietly to her. I quickly got up, got out of my clothes and got into the water and soon was next to Amie. I gave her a kiss and swam out into deeper water. Amie doesn't swim very well so she doesn't go out over her head into deeper water, she just kind of wades around in shallower water, not even getting her hair wet. After a few minutes of this Amie heads out of the water and as she walks out, her beautiful body slowly emerges from the lake and when she is on shore she slowly walks to our stuff, her lovely ass swaying back and forth. She lets her long hair down and shakes her head and runs her fingers through her blond locks to get the tangles out. As she does this, Darrell and Barry are staring at her backside and the nice wiggle to her bottom. She gets to where our clothes were and bends over and picks up a towel and dabs herself dry. She does this slowly, fully knowing the three of us we staring at her."Damn, she's hot!" Exclaims Darrell."I hope she doesn't put her clothes on, I always imagined what she would look like naked when I saw her at the gym. She looks finer than I imagined!" Says Barry as he walks towards the shore with Darrell right behind him. I quickly followed, I didn't want her alone with them. We come out of the water and approach my wife where she is now sitting on the blanket. As we walk towards her I couldn't help noticing she was looking at Barry, Darrell and myself. She seemed to be fixated on our cocks and as she scans our naked bodies it occurred to me that this was the first time she had seen me side by side and naked with black men. I glanced over and Darrell and Barry's cocks were both rock hard and it was then I was aware mine was too. As a matter of fact, I don't think my cock could get any harder, it seemed to be straining its own skin and felt like it would explode. Darrell's black cock looked to be about 8" long and very thick and Barry's was longer, maybe 9" but not a thick as Darrell was. How was I doing in her eyes in comparison to them with my 6.5" white cock? I was also keenly aware how much more muscular both of them were than me, especially Barry with his barrel chest and python arms.Amie smiles and says, "It looks like you guys like what you see."Darrell glances down at his erect member and retorts, "Yeah, you are very sexy and beautiful!""I could help you with that." Amie says, pointing at his cock.Before either of them could answer, I go over, grab my towel and sit next to Amie. I felt pretty uneasy and on edge and didn't feel any less so when Darrell asks, "Mind if we sit on the edge of your blanket?""No, not at all!" Exclaims Amie as she slid back a few inches and Darrell and Barry both crowd onto it, sitting down facing us.Both of these black men look Amie up and down and I noticed that she had her knees up and her legs were spread a little. She was giving them quite a show and they made no effort to hide their lust for her.Darrell compliments my wife with, "You are a very attractive woman. Your husband is one lucky man!""Oh, Thank You!" Exclaims Amie and smiles at them.I was breathless with arousal and I realized that I wanted both of them to fuck my Amie even with the risk of pregnancy. Now it looked like she was going to make love to these black strangers and for the first time since we have brought black men into our love life her sweet pussy and womb was going to be totally unprotected. I was disturbed that I was so turned on by the idea and the fact that my wife also seemed so unconcerned about the potential consequences. I wanted to slow things down a bit so I took out my camera told Amie I wanted to take some pics of her at the water's edge. She smiles slyly at me and gets up and takes some poses at the water's edge. I snap away as she giggles and keeps glancing at her 2 black admirers to see their reactions and they just stared slack jawed. After a few minutes of this Amie sashays back over to her spot on the blanket and I sit down next to her.Darrell was now sitting cross legged and was edging closer to Amie and she had her left hand on his thigh, lightly running her fingers along the inside of it. "Please kiss me! I want you so bad!" Amie tells Darrell in a hoarse whisper. He leans in and their lips meet and they kiss wetly, both of them breathing heavily.I now felt a wave of panic roll over me and I realized I had changed my mind and didn't want her bred by these 2 black bulls. "Uh, uh, do either of you have rubbers with you?" I stammered.Darrell and Barry look at each other and smirk. "No, we weren't expecting to be fucking your wife, you should have thought of that yourself." Replied Barry. He then eagerly kisses Amie and asks her, "You don't care about no fuckin' condoms do you? They ain't fun anyway and I have wanted you since the first time I saw you and skin to skin is how I have always fantasized about our lovemaking"Amie is breathing heavily and gasps, "No! We don't need them, I want you bare inside me!"Panicking, I blurt out, "But, but Amie you're not on birth cont...." I suddenly realize I shouldn't share this information with the 2 black strangers but it was too late, I had said too much."Oooooh baby!" Exclaims Darrell, "No birth control? This just makes it more exciting! Does your hubby like seeing you with black cock?""Oh yes!" Amie says, "He likes it a lot and I love black men and their beautiful black cocks!"Darrell puts his hands on Amie's shoulders and pushes her backwards until she is lying on her back. He spreads her legs, crawls up on top of her and kisses her roughly as he flicks the middle finger of his left hand over her clitoris. He nuzzles her neck and my wife gasps for air and runs her hands up and down his back. Darrell runs his tongue from her neck and down her chest. He suckles the nipples on both breasts as Barry leans in and kisses Amie deeply. Darrell works his mouth down her belly until his mouth is poised at her love hole. He starts flicking his tongue over her clitoris as Barry continues kissing her and pinching her left nipple.I notice that both Darrell and Barry still have water droplets from their swim on their ebony skin. The contrast of their glistening dark skin against her pale skin in the mid afternoon light is incredible to see. Amie is running her hands over Darrell's head as he runs his tongue into her pussy and her head is back with her eyes closed and mouth open. Barry takes advantage of her open mouth and places the tip of his uncircumcised cock at her lips which she starts flicking her tongue over the tip. It wasn't enough for him though and he grabs her hair and turns her head towards him and he shoves his cock into her mouth, making her gag for a brief moment."Switch suck us Amie!" Barry growls as he pulls her up to her knees.Darrell and Barry stand up and my Amie positions herself on her knees in front of them and reached up and pulls back the foreskin on Barry's cock and licks the head. "Hmmmmm! She says, "I've only had an uncut cock a few times before, they are different."Amie runs her tongue lightly from the head, down the bottom of the shaft to his balls where she spends some time sucking first one then the another testicle in to her mouth. Amie then runs her mouth up his cock and then engulfs the head in her mouth and strokes Darrell's black cock with her left hand. My cock was throbbing with excitement and some pre-cum was starting to leak out. I kept thinking to myself that I needed to restrain myself and save my load for my wife.She then moves her talented mouth to Darrell's scrotum and kisses and sucks on his balls before working herself up to his cock and licks the tip while looking up at her two black lovers adoringly with her beautiful clear blue eyes. She goes from one to the other sucking each cock and making little humming sounds.After a few minutes she pauses and looks up at them and says with her soft southern drawl, "Please fuck me, I want you so bad!""You're a southern belle ain't you? Asked Darrell as he kneels down and eases her backwards on her back. "Where are you from?""Alabama." Replies Amie, bringing her knees up and spreading her legs for Darrell and Barry."I've never fucked a Southern girl, I could have gotten lynched a hundred years ago for doing this." Says Darrell as her positions himself between her legs and leans down and kisses Amie as he works his black cock into her moist and oh so eager pussy. She takes a deep breath and exhales with a little "Oooooo" as he eases into her. He is on top of my wife with his smooth muscular front of his torso pressing onto her lovely breasts. Soon they are fucking furiously with his cock plunging in and out of her and her pelvis thrusting in unison with his strokes. She is reaching around and running her little hands up an down his back.I couldn't believe what I was seeing, her totally unprotected fertile pussy was open, fully receiving his big bare black cock eagerly. In a while he would be pumping her full of his cum and her uterus would be soon be invaded by his sperm, followed in no time by Barry's. I found myself wishing they would fuck her ass instead, she couldn't be bred that way but I had a feeling that wasn't going to happen. This thought seemed odd to me because previously I had been upset that she let black men take her ass.Darrell raises up onto his hands and continues to plunge in and out of her. As he does this, Barry positions himself behind her, grabs her arms and pulls them over her head and apart and pins her elbows to the ground with his hands pressing them down, effectively binding her helplessly. He leans in and kisses her roughly, shoving his tongue into her mouth. Amie is gasping and returns the kiss, intertwining her tongue with his. Barry then stops kissing her mouth and runs his tongue from her mouth and licks and kisses her chin and works his mouth down her neck to her heaving chest. Still pinning her down, he sucks and nibbles on first her right nipple and then her left. She is gritting her teeth as they both work her over and soon Barry moves back to let Amie and Darrell get down to some good stroking. "Quite a sight, ain't it?" Asks Barry. "I can't wait for my turn!" He says, looking at me from the corner of his eyes."It is something to see!" I answer, keenly aware of my straining erection. I was so turned on but was also upset and angry at Amie for her risky behavior. What kind of man am I, encouraging her to fuck strange black men? Now I am paying for it by losing control of my wife, she is doing what she wants and to hell with what I think.Darrell is now off his hands and is down on top of Amie and is riding my wife hard, driving his big bare black cock into her and making her gasp with each thrust. Her arms are wrapped him with her little fingers digging into his now sweating black ass cheeks, pulling him into her with each stroke. I hear a plop, plop, plop sound of flesh against flesh as he plunges his big black cock into her over and over. I remember wondering what was causing the sound. Was it his balls slapping against her ass or something else? I couldn't tell from my vantage point.Amie's legs are spread wide with her heels digging into the ground and she is meeting his thrusts with her bucking hips, every muscle in her body is being is thrown into fucking Darrell's cock. That is a good way to describe what was happening in front of me, she was fucking him more than he was fucking her. Her eyes are closed tightly and is grimacing and rhythmically breathing with very shallow gasps. Suddenly her eyes fly open and her lips make a little "O" and she cries out, "Oh! Oh! Oooooooooo! I'm cumming on your, on your beautiful black cock" She was now cumming hard on his bare cock and her whole body was shuddering violently and it looked like every muscle and tendon of her being is channeled into her orgasm. As she climaxes Darrell again rises up onto his hands and really starts pounding her eager pussy real hard and as he does Amie runs her hands over his chest and grabs his nipples with her thumbs and forefingers and starts pinching them hard as she rides out her orgasm. This was too much for Darrell and he quickens the pace of his fucking and the muscles in his ass tighten and with a loud groan he plunges into her one last time and unleashes his load into her. His whole body is twitching as he pumps his semen into her. He is gasping uncontrollably and in a few moments he catches his breath and then withdraws slowly almost fully out of her and pushes his cum coated cock back into her slowly, repeating this a few times. I can see his black shaft is streaked with his creamy semen he has just pumped into my wife, mixing with her ample love juices. He rolls off her and lays next to her, breathing heavily as Amie lays there with her legs still spread wide, Darrell's white juices starting to drip from her now gaping pussy.In a few moments she looks at Barry and says, "I feel so empty now, please fuck me Barry, I want you so bad. Fuck me hard Baby, I want to feel it!""You don't know how long I've wanted to do this!" Barry exclaims as he positions himself between her legs. "You are so beautiful!""I've fantasized about you! I think you are beautiful too! You must have taken your weight lifting to a new level, you are ripped!" She giggles, pulling him down on top of her and she takes his cock in her hand and eases him into her wet pussy."Ugghhhhh! That feels so good!" Barry exclaims as his bare black shaft slides into my wife's willing pussy. They kiss deeply as he slowly works the tip of his cock in and out of Amie and he nuzzles her neck and whispers something to her and she answers with her own whispers I could not quite make out. Their lovemaking slowly builds as he pushes his bare uncut black cock deeper and deeper into her now unfolding pussy. I couldn't help but notice his shaft was coated with not only her juices but also with Darrell's love cream. I found myself wondering why these black dudes Amie has been with are so willing to dip their cocks into a strange pussy that had already be messed up with another man's semen. It then occurred to be that I had done the same thing, eagerly fucking her after being filled by not just one black man but several.I looked around and everything seemed so unreal, Amie and me stark naked along with two naked black men fucking the shit out of her in the middle of nowhere. I started worrying about us getting caught by someone else out enjoying nature, What if it was someone we knew? My full attention was drawn back to Amie and Barry as he started groaning loudly, His muscular body tensed up, telling me he was cumming inside her. As he cums Amie is also reaching orgasm and lets out a scream which startled me. The two of them continue to grind together as if they are trying to get even closer together and become one. Gradually, they slow their thrusting and both relax and in a few moments he pulls his cock out of my wife and as he does this I saw white semen all over the his black shaft. Some semen starts dripping from her pussy and into the crack of her ass.As Amie was fucking Barry, Darrell was laying next to them, watching as they got it on. He was now getting visibly aroused again and as Amie laid next to him all languid and relaxed he is reaching over and fondling her tits. She starts to respond and spreads her legs and dips her middle finger of her left hand into her pussy, she pulls it out and flicks it over her clitoris a few times and brings her finger up to her lips and licks the semen off. She smiles and rolls towards Darrell and throws her leg over him and gets on top of him, kissing him and mounts his now fully engorged cock. She is now riding him hard, bucking her hips and breathing hard, building towards another orgasm. In no time at all Darrell was cumming up inside her, depositing another load of semen into her messy pussy.When he was done Barry was ready again and pulled her off Darrell's cock and with her on all fours he took her from the rear doggy style. He firmly took her hips in his big hands and pulled her backwards onto his cock. Amie's body now seemed limp and she just let him plunge in and out of her until he cums in her with a loud growl.When we was finished, he lets go of Amie and and she collapses face down on the blanket, breathing heavily. I now felt like I was about to explode and pre-cum was dripping from the tip of my raging hard on. I could wait no longer and with the 2 black men who had just finished fucking seeming to be done, I rolled her limp body over and spread her legs I looked at her sweet little pussy which was now gaping and dripping with four huge loads. She looks up at me sleepily from narrowed eyes and smiles. She reaches up and draws me down on top of her.Amie whispers into my ear "You liked seeing me fuck fuck their beautiful black cocks didn't you?"I said nothing but kissed her deeply and as I did I couldn't help tasting her black lovers on her lips. I frantically dove my rock hard cock into her sloppy pussy and the feeling was incredible, she was filled with all that black semen that was now coating my cock and her pussy felt silkier and hotter than usual. I ejaculated almost immediately into her and I remained hard and continued to fuck her until I felt another orgasm coming on. Amie was now responding to me and was having another orgasm, cumming hard on my cock. I collapsed on top of her totally spent.Eventually I caught my breath and I looked up and Barry and Darrell were already putting their clothes on and without a word just walked away. We laid there naked in each other's arms with the coolness of the early autumn breeze caressing us. In a while we started to feel a bit chilly so we gathered ourselves together and got dressed. We packed up and started walking out of the woods with the early fall light turning golden as the sun approached the horizon.For the first several minutes of our hike back to our vehicle we were totally silent, lost in our individual thoughts. Finally, I broke the silence by asking, "Don't you think it was risky fucking those two? We have been trying to get pregnant so you are not on birth control, what if you are ovulating and one of them got you pregnant?"Amie says nothing but I could see tears starting to well up in her eyes. I found myself getting angry the more I thought about it and I then asked her, "What about a sexually transmitted disease? We didn't have them tested so who knows what they have?' How could you take that chance?" My voice was rising the angrier I got.She stops in the trail and turns to me and yells, "You seemed pretty excited the whole time! Why didn't you stop it if you were so fucking concerned?"She whirls around and strides down the trail. I didn't tell he I was intimidated and fearful because I saw the handgun that Darrell had with him. Of course she was right, I was incredibly turned on by the whole scene. I gaze at her pretty ass in her khaki shorts and I felt myself getting aroused and wanting her. I strode after her and as I did I couldn't help thinking about the Darrell and Barry's sperm swimming around inside her along with mine and I felt an uncontrollable urge to screw her again. When I caught up to her I grabbed her arm and turned her towards me and I kissed her deeply and roughly, At first she tried to pull away from me but in a few moments she was responding and I turned her around and pulled off her knapsack and unfastened her shorts, pull them down to her ankles. I pushed her to her knees and pushed her forward so she was face down and ass up. I yanked her panties down and pulled them and her shorts off her feet and I dropped my shorts and I plunged my eager cock into her well used pussy from behind. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could and I was snarling, "You dirty slut! You aren't going to be happy until you get knocked up by some strange black cock are you?"Amie whimpers, "I'm sorry! I just got carried away, I don't know what I was thinking. I'm such a tramp, a sex crazy whore.""Damn right you are!" I growled as I felt another load of my cum starting to surge out of me and into her. It was like I was going crazy! It felt like I was pouring out my entire insides into her and held her hips firmly as I pulsed deep inside her pussy, my semen mixing with the black men's semen. I was desperate to impregnate her and not have her get pregnant by 2 black strangers. As I cum she was also orgasming violently. When we were done, I collapsed on top of her in the dirt of the trail with both of us gasping for breath. We also made love that night after we got home.The next morning I woke up next to my lovely little Amie in a tangle of bedding, I gazed at her as she slumbered, she was on her back and her blond locks were crisscrossing her face and the sheets covering her except for a peek of one of her pretty tits. I pondered how lucky I was to have such a wonderfully beautiful and sexy woman as my wife. From that my thoughts drifted to what had happened the day before at the lake. That same breast had been an object of their desire and had been kissed, sucked and bitten with the rest of her body greedily consumed by these two black men. This vision laying next to me who looks and acts so sweet and innocent could be such a slut for black men, willing to try and do anything to satisfy their every desire. I felt the old pangs of jealousy and felt remorseful that I was the one that urged her to have sex with them. At first she was reluctant but now was so enthusiastic about her black sexual partners. Even with these feelings I still found myself unbelievably turned on by everything I had witnessed her do, every black cock she had taken and every sex act no matter how extreme. I then felt a sense of dread when I remembered she had fucked them without any protection whatsoever, she could be pregnant or worse had caught a disease from them. I knew right then and there Amie and I had reached a point in our relationship where we had decisions to make. Would we continue in this lifestyle or would we go in a different direction and move away from all this? I knew we needed to have a serious conversation about all this.
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