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Public Service Anouncement.

Post #1

Public Service Anouncement.While I was Exploring Europe I started to make it a habit to ride the public transport so I could see everything along the route i was taking. I did this on every route while I got used to the area taking notes of places I wanted to see and key points of interest. There was a week I noticed a brunette in her late twenties ,maybe, was starting to ride the bus as well. She did not get off the bus either. She would just read her book for hours without ever getting off. I could not help but watch her. there was just something about her that kept my attention. I mean her hair was long and shiny and she had the most beautiful eyes that were rather captivating. I would catch myself staring at her and would have to look away thinking I was being a creeper. She always wore the same perfume not sure what it was but it reminded me of something you would smell in the air at the mall. None the less I always knew when she would get on the bus if i was not paying attention. She would always wear something conservative. Nothing to outrageous. One day a sweatshirt and jeans, another day a t-shirt and capri pants and deck shoes. Today though was different. I got on the bus and went straight to the back and sat next to window like I always do so I can view the sights. It seemed to be busier today than normal. We finally came to her stop. When bus door opened the wind blew in, You could smell the fresh air and sunshine topped with the smell of the most aromatic perfume on the face of the planet. That's when I realized we were at her stop. The seats were filling up fast but as the Big guy in front of her ,a construction worker I think , sat down thats when things started moving in slow motion. It was like a movie. The wind blew her hair just enough to show her neck line as it waved in the breeze. Today she was wearing a purple v neck t-shirt and Black calf length yoga pants and a pair of running shoes. She had a pair of earphones in listening to who knows what. But like said she was walking towards the back of the bus and there were only a couple of seats available for which the one next to me was open. I tried not to look to excited but I only hoped she chose to sit next to me instead of the ninety year old women that looked like she just stepped out of a dump truck. Then all of a sudden the brunette women decided to sit next to me. I was rather relieved when she did but it was not until that split moment our eyes met that my heart started to race out of control as if I were some high school boy that has never talked to a girl before. She smiled at me with such a beautiful smile and flawless skin. She removed a single earphone to introduce herself as she sat down. We shook hands and a little shake went through my stomach as she had the softest hands I have ever felt. That was when I noticed she was not married. I gave her a bit of a smile as Janean gave me her name. She went to her usual routine putting her earphone back in her ear and started reading her book.I think I dosed off for a while, Because I was awaken by something rubbing my leg. I made sure I kept my eyes closed hopping it was not the old hag from across the way. The next thing I know there was a hand rubbing my crotch and I could not help getting an erection. As my Dick got harder so was the fitment of my pants. You see my cock happened to be on my inner thigh and the harder it got the more I was paying it was Janean. I cracked open my left eye to take a peek and I saw Janean reading her book still with her earphones in. So I played it off and closed my eye again. I then felt her rubbing the tip of my dick through my pants as It twitched a couple of times from the rubbing. Janean than grabbed my cock from outside my pants and that was when I opened my eyes to look at her and she was biting her lower lip so subtly with passion as she read her book. I still didn't move a muscle I did not want to frighten her. But I did notice that the bus almost empty and we were the only two people in the back half. So I watched he a little bit more before I decided to make any move. Her dark hair was hanging over her shoulder and brought my attention to her breast which were perfect in size. Not so big as to say WTF and not so small as to say What do i do with those but just right. If I were to grab them there would still be titties left to play with. Anyways I couldn't help but notice her nipples were sticking out like a soar thumb right through her bra and shirt. I think she was reading a smut book but at this point I was not minding at all. I then shifted in my seat just a bit because my ass was going numb. Janean than looked over at me still biting her lower lip closed her book and pulled her earphones out and said "I am sorry but I could not control myself. I was reading and started to get a little excited and well when your leg bumped against mine my pussy twitched with excitement. I happened to look over and you had a hard on and well I took advantage of you. I'm sorry." Told her not to worry about it for I knew you were playing with my cock but I was afraid to move.That was when things started to get hot. Janean didn't miss a beat, after a sense of relief she took my hand put it on her pussy outside of her yoga pants. I was in heaven you could see the mound of her pussy through her pants as if she had a pussy hard on. I started to rub her pussy as her eyes closed and she leaned back in her seat and opened her legs just a little bit more in acceptance of my presence. Janean let out a quick exhale and soft moan as I rubbed her pussy ever so gently. Within a few minutes Janean was soaked and I could smell the sweet smell of her juices as they flowed from her loins. I felt the need to lick my fingers to see if she tasted as good as she smelled and believe me she tasted fucking amazing.As soaked as Janean was I went ahead and helped myself to what was inside her stretchy form fitting pants. I put my hand in her panties, which were soaked to all hell, and felt the warmth her pussy and juices and slowly slid my middle finger of my left hand in her and she almost lost it. I still could not believe this was happening to me right now I mean This kind of thing only happens in hustler magazine. Janean then grabbed her own tits and started pinching her nipples and letting out little moans of enjoyment yet not so loud as to draw attention to herself. Janean then like a starving addict was quickly trying to get my pants undone and down enough to expose my cock. She got her soft ass hands down my pants and grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled it out. I could feel the precum still on my inner thigh as it left a wet spot visible through my jeans. But when she pulled out my dick her eyes grew three times bigger in size as she looked at my member and licked her lips as if she was getting ready to eat a meal.She stoked my cock a few times and then gave it a nice firm grip at the base as she pulled up squeezing precum to the tip of my cock. She took her index finger and played with the glistening moisture excreting from my shaft. Watching it all stringy as she lifted her finger and it seem to get more moist as she played on. Then she rubbed the tip of my cock with the palm of her hand and I started to feel the tingling in my toes and my ball sack while she rubbed then she took her hand and licked every inch of her hand to get the precum off. When her hand was clean all wet from her saliva she stated stoking me again this time a little softer and a bit faster. Janean pulled her hair to one side and took my cock in her mouth. She went up and down few times then ran her tongue around the tip of my cock flicking it then taking my cock all the way until my balls were rubbing her chin. I loved every minute of this as she bobbed up and down licking my shaft in between strokes to lick off the excess moisture and using two hands to stoke my dick and suck it at the same time. Twisting her hands and then playing with my balls. I was in heaven. I then ran my hand through her hair then down her back and reached my hand inside of her yoga pants and panties as my hand and finger made there way through her nicely shaped ass. My finger ran across her bung hole and Janean squeezed her ass cheeks as I got to her pussy as if she were trying to get my finger in her pussy on her own. She moaned hard as she gagged on my cock and I felt her saliva run down my dick and soaked my balls as she pulled my cock towards my belly exposing my balls and licking every bit of drenchness off of them. All the while I was fingering her like a bowling ball pulling her closer to me while she was sucking my cock. I pulled Janean up and ran my fingers around the corners of her mouth to wipe off anything left behind. I then put her legs up on the seat in front of us and pulled those black yoga pants and panties down enough so I could get my face in between her silky thighs. I managed to get down on the floor enough to get to her. She was shaved clean all but this little tuft of hair just above her pussy. I started there sucking off here juices. I then stated teasing her clit with my tongue as I ran my finger up and down her pussy exposing it all licking everything until I thought she was going to scream. I stuck a finger deep into her and she squeezed her thighs around my head so hard and she grabbed my hair and pulled my face harder against her pussy as she ground her hips while she reached her first orgasm. If she screamed I could not hear her, that's how tight her thighs were against my ears. But I did not stop. While I had my index and middle finger in her pussy I slipped my pinky in her ass and I swear she instantly came again. After a few more minutes I got up off the floor and sat back down and Janean straddled me and took my cock in her hand and guided it to her very moist and ready pussy. She lowered herself slowly taking every inch of my manhood gasping and saying "Holy Fuck" under her breath as she sat all the way down then making her way back up. Janean got into a nice rhythm as I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples pulling her back down whenever she would get to the top of my cock. Janean would reach down and fondle my balls every once and awhile and I could feel my balls filling up as I know I am going to blow my load soon. Janean continued to ride me until her legs got to tired.The nice thing was were we were sitting was that there was a metal wall a few seats forward that was blocking the view of the driver and others. So I let Janean sit and I stood on the seat and started to fuck her face. I pushed my cock all the way back and I could feel the back of her throught. Then I pushed it as far as she would let me without choking her. She grabbed my ass and invited it as she pull me further into her mouth and grabbing my balls to. There was a point when she pulled me out and sucked my balls into her mouth one at a time then both. I could feel her licking them as her hand cupped my ass from under neath. She told me she wanted to taste my cum. So I put my cock back in her mouth and let her do the work at this point. She continued to suck my cock for a few more minutes. It was not until she had her hand cupped around my balls that she had a finger close to my ass. Without entering me all she had to do was rub it and press her finger hard against my hole as if she were going to enter and I swelled up locked and loaded I grabbed the back of head and started fucking her face a little faster. Janean pulled me out of her mouth and started stroking my cock mouth open waiting for it. That was when held it back to build up pressure and she squeezed to help as well. I groaned when I couldn't hold it anymore I let loose and Janean was ready as I shot my load in her mouth. Janean swallowed and put her mouth around my cock and sucked it to get the rest of it. I swear I came again at that moment. My ass cheeks tightened and my toes curled in my shoes and I grabbed the back of the seat I swear I had to have torn them but Janean continued until she was satisfied that she had gotten it all.When we were finished we got dressed straightened up and finished our bus ride. We got off at the same stop and as I was exiting the bus the driver gave me nice grin and a thumbs up. Later that evening while we were watching the evening news it showed up from the bus camera but we were to far away for them to make out our faces. Talk about free publicity. I wonder how many other buses we can do this on. HMMMM.
04-07-2021, at 10:54 AM

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