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The morning sun

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The morning sunI awaken to feel the early morning sun spread across my naked body. The sunlight warming my skin as the warmth floods over me, the warm sensation feels wonderful on my exposed penis. As my vision comes into focus I notice you lying next to me. Your bottom glowing as the light reflects off your golden skin, the flecks of dust magically floating in the sunlight above you, making your naked frame heavenly and perfect. Unable to help myself, I place my hand on your smooth skin. The warmth emanating from you awakens an inner desire in me, and as I stroke your skin, I feel more and more impassioned. My slender fingers flow gently across your skin; tracing your skin as if you were a canvas and my finger tips the bristles of a paint brush. Carefully they paint your body revealing every freckle and scar of your perfect nude body. Moaning you roll over to reveal beautiful breasts and large plump nipples. You, My heavenly canvas, waiting to be painted gently and then building up until my fevered brush strokes release a torrent of purpose and desire upon you. Seeking perfection with every stroke I lash across your body?s canvas.My hand finding a soft blanket I grasp the end and begin tickling your body. Like a cat outstretched your arch your back and point your toes, your arms reaching high above your head in a seductive pose. A smile splashed across your face as you sigh, eyes still closed enjoying the sunshine and my hands both spread across your exposed skin. Slowly you open your eyes enough to look down toward me, inviting me to replace my finger tips with the touch of my soft lips. You begin shifting your limbs as you prepare for me to begin worshiping your body in the early morning sunlight.Slowly I pull myself next to your body and say good morning with a gentle kiss. My lips pressed against yours for a moment before I withdraw and look into your eyes, taking you in. Your hair strewn about your face, still in rest as the rest of you awakens. I take my hand and gently brush your hair to one side. Strands flow away revealing your beautiful smile. You blush and giggle as I kiss your neck, grunting slightly.Your giggling disappears though as I begin to fondle your breasts firmly in my hand as I suckle on your neck close to your clavicle. My hand sliding down your side and over your hips before coming to a rest on your silky thighs, my fingers stroking your labia as your legs open further like the flowers to the sun. Those giggles are now slight pants and heavy breaths as you suck on your bottom lip. You are clearly enjoying the feel of my fingers massaging your moist spread lips. The feel of my mouth kissing the sides of your breasts as my fingers begin to slide deeper into your ever moistening crevice, makes your back arch slightly. Your now perk nipples feeling the warmth of my breath as my kisses gently tease them, and afterward I blow cool air over them making them hard and ready for my tongue to encircle them. My fingers are now glistening with the wet flowing out of you. The sound of my fingers on your pussy makes a wet squishing sound that triggers my penis to grow erect against your thigh. Slowly I push my fingers deeper inside you, and you spread your legs further before you grab your breast with one hand and reach for my hard penis with your other. You begin stroking me as I stroke you back, both of us kissing passionately. My fingers wriggle inside you, releasing waves of pleasure that flow through out your body. Waves crashing over you as your hips thrust against my palm, my fingers deep inside you. Your coordination now gone as you fumble with my thick cock in your hand, your hand clenched on your flush tits. Your ass lifted off the bed as your legs try to angle my fingers even deeper into your wet hole. Your juices running down the crack of your ass as your legs shake with pleasure as I finger you hard. My mouth kissing your side before my mouth finds its way onto your clitoris, my mouth sucking you as you violently rub circles with your free hand desperately trying to orgasm.I then thrust your legs open, pulling my fingers out of you before pulling your spread legs close to me and burying my face in your pussy. Licking gently with my tongue, tasting the juices flowing out of you and making your squirm with pleasure; awaiting impatiently what is to come. As my mouth flows over your genitals, my tongue drilling your pussy as my lips suck your pussy, teasing you until you grab my head pushing it against your crotch, your legs spread wide allowing my tongue to now lick firmly your clitoris.You, unable to take it, begin to stroke your own pussy and as I remove my face from your dripping wet pussy, I kneel before you and grab your ankles. Your eyes lock with mine and you hurriedly nod your head yes, and then your gaze drops to my erect penis. You watch me intently as I begin to rub it?s length against your sprawled lips. I begin rocking my hips back and forth, letting you feel the ridges of my cock flowing over your sensitive labia and clitoris, between your fingers as you rub it. Then pushing your ankles toward you, I angle my penis just so, and with the next push you feel my girth entering you slowly. Inch by inch my penis thrusts inside you.With your wet lubricating my movements, my large shaft begins to plunge deep inside you again and again. My testicles are now slapping against your bum hole as my cock pleasures you with increasing repetition in my movements. My dick now pounding your pussy, your moans now screams, and the slight waves now full on gushes of pleasure flowing over your entire body.I now see your body shaking, and your toes point. Your muscles firm and I know the intense orgasm that has been building inside you is about to erupt. Your eyes flutter, and the low tone builds in your throat before erupting in a massive moan of pleasure as your pussy clenches on my dick making me blast several heavy loads of cum inside you. Both of us orgasm, as I am unable to resist the pulsating of your tight vagina on my sensitive penis.As we collapse into each other, both of us out of breath and sweaty. You look into my eyes and say, ?good morning my handsome man?. You stroke my chest as you lay on me, your body still convulsing as I tickle your back with my fingertips. Your head against my chest listening to my heart beat, as again we lay side by side, naked in the light of the morning sun.
04-06-2021, at 10:10 PM

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