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Diane, my slut wife's encounter

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Diane, my slut wife's encounterLet me tell you about my wife, Diane. She?s this sexy girl who grew up in Minnesota. She has shoulder length, blonde hair, brown skin, blue eyes, a full mouth, and a body like a fuck doll. She?s 50, 40DD tits on a nice, slender frame, so it?s all pretty firm and outstanding. At the time of this story we?d been going out for about two years, and had been through most things sexually, but had never brought in a third person.I should add that Diane is a total fuck slut. She likes to be fucked hard, in the face, pussy and ass and called dirty names and generally overpowered. She was always looking for ways to please men. A favorite game of ours, was to watch a gangbang movie while I fucked Diane hard in the face, working on her pussy or ass with a dildo, she also liked it when I used a dildo to DP her and called a slut and a whore.We got ready for the night by going shopping for Diane?s new outfit in a sex store. We needed something that screamed easy lay. She picked out a black miniskirt and a short, tight red top that squashed her big tits together. Perfect, now we needed to get the underwear. No bra, of course, but a nice little red thong and some black stockings. I couldn?t wait to see her dressed up. In the sex store, we got a little booth and watched the peepshow movies. Diane sucked my cock and I felt her tits, but I didn?t come, I wanted to save it for later.When we got back to our room I fucked her mouth and called her a whore, bitch, and then told her to take a shower and get ready to go out and be a slut for me. She had a shower, shaved her pussy, and then got dressed in her new clothes and put on her makeup. She looked great. I waited in the hotel room, watching porn and wondering what kind of man she?d bring back.About an hour later, there was a knock at the door, and I could hear giggling and voices. I got up and opened the door, there was Diane with a big grin on her face and looking very hot. Behind her were two big guys, smiling back at me. Hello baby she said, they?re both so cute, I couldn?t choose. Is that OK, yeah?She gave me such a dirty look that I just beamed back at her and said yeah, that?s great, come on in.All three of them came in. The two guys said hello and introduced themselves. Mike was this tall blonde guy, who seemed really well built. His friend was Dave, and he was big too, and looked like a little Italian. Diane looked tiny next to them. Yeah, they going to fuck her apart, and I was too.My Wife did a sexy dance, touching herself through her clothes, tweaking her nipples and mashing her breasts together. She turned around and rolled and squirmed her ass at us, bent down and let her miniskirt ride up, so that we could all see her bare thighs against the stockings and the red thong pulled up her crack. She touched her ass and let both hands find their way to her pussy, which she rubbed until a few fingers slipped inside. Straightening herself up, turning to face us, she put her pussy wet fingers in her mouth and let her gaze meet each of our eyes. I want to suck your cocks she said, take out your cocks and sit down for me.All three of us took off our pants and underwear. My cock was a good size, so was Dave?s, but it was Mikes that really set Diane going. It must have been 10 inches, but the real horror of it was the thickness, the base looked like a fucking Coke can. It would rip my Wife for sure. I looked forward to seeing it deep in her ass.Oh my god, Diane said, so fucking big! She looked up at me, Baby; I need that cock in my mouth!We moved a couple of stools closer to one corner of the bed and the three of us sat down in a circle, with Diane in the center. She was on her knees and playing with her tits, pushing them up so that they half burst out of her top. She looked like a porn slut all right, those beach ball fun bags, soft and firm, full and spilling out for us. What a 40DD slut.She leaned forward and grabbed two cocks, Dave?s, and mine, then put Mikes huge pole in her mouth. She jerked the cocks off slowly as she bobbed and sucked just on the mammoth tip of it, nice and sloppy, the spit hanging off her chin and falling on her brown, exposed tits. Diane turned her head and took Dave?s cock in her mouth, a few good strokes, and then mine, working her way around the circle again and again, each time taking the cocks deeper in her mouth, each time working up more spit and slobber.She stood up. Help me take off my clothes she said, and Dave got up and started to slowly pull off her top, while Mike went behind her to unzip her skirt. As it fell to the ground, Mike knelt down and began kissing and stroking her beautiful ass, working his fingers into her crack, inside the little red g-string she was wearing.Fuck he said, this bitch is wet! She needs a good fucking to tonight!Call her Diane I said, and call her a whore and a slut.Dave was working on her tits, squeezing them together and sucking her nipples, pulling them like playthings. Diane was moaning so much at their twin assault. I went up to her and put two fingers in her mouth, then three, then four. I fucked her mouth with my hand and she looked at me with wide, panic-stricken eyes. It was a good act, but I knew she was hot for a fucking. I took my hand out of her mouth and she gasped.Oh, fuck me she said; fuck me with your big cocks.Mike and Dave looked at me, and I just smiled and said Hey, be my guests, fuck the bitch!Oh yeah, Mike said, pumping up his huge cock, come on Diane, you big-titted slut! I want this pussy to suck all my cock down!They carried my little wife to the bed and set her on all fours. Dave got behind and slipped his cock in her wet pussy and immediately began to rough fuck her, not going straight in and out but bucking wildly in her pussy, smashing her up deep inside.Diane just gobbled on Mikes cock as he forced it deeper down her throat. She rocked back on forth between the cocks, gagging a little as Mikes dick swelled out her cheeks and yet kept up its assault. She was ready to puke, so the face fucking slowed and Mike pulled out his cock, which had a thick stream of slobber on it, hit her a few times on the face, called her a good whore and slipped it straight back down her throat as Dave?s dick was coming up hard from behind. Man, said Mike, look at this fucking slut suck my big dick!Dave worked on her pussy and hit her ass with a loud slap that quickly went red, and then another, and then more and more, wildly hitting her as he worked up speed in her pussy, using my Wife like a fuck bag. It was a wonderful sight. She looked terrified, but just kept gulping on the massive cock in her mouth and letting out sharp yelps of excitement. What a whore.Hey, I said, get up; I want to fuck her in the ass.Mike and Dave moved away from her, and she collapsed on the bed, totally fucked out. They had to manhandle her to sit almost upright, and I walked over and stuck my cock in her sloppy mouth and fucked it a few deep stokes, making her cheek bulge out and , and then offered her to Dave, who did the same. The three of us fucked little Diane?s face like that for a few minutes more, before pushing her into the next humiliating position.She sat down on Mikes cock and then lent forward to take Dave?s in her mouth. I stood behind her and slapped her ass, rubbed it, eased the cheeks apart and stuck a finger or two in her ass. Her little hole twitched and dilated, and I got my cock ready to push it inside her. The head popped in and I pushed slowly deeper, then just leant forward and began to tear her ass up like a maniac. She cried out as I got deeper inside, but Dave just got her head and forced his cock into her open mouth. She was gagged and practically sobbing, slobbering spit all over Dave?s cock and I forced myself deeper and harder inside her ass.We changed positions, with Mike in her ass, Dave in her pussy and me in her mouth. I loved watching her as Mike forced his big cock into her tightest hole. She was weeping around my cock and her face was a mess. We kept fucking her hard for a long time, at one point, half I say half pause, because Diane still had three cocks in her, but they were working rather gently. Her ass was wide open and her face was messed up with spit and gag. Diane rolled off the bed and we stood in a circle around her, pushing our cocks close to her face. She devoured us, two cocks in her mouth and one in her hand. Suddenly she gasped for air after one deep throat push on Dave?s dick. She was choking and coughing, her eyes screwed shut as she sobbed cum on me, cum on my face, cum in my mouth!Dave came first, his cock still in her mouth, jerking it deep in her throat as the cum shot out of him. Diane gagged and spluttered. Gobs of cum oozed out her mouth around Dave?s cock and dribbled down her chin. As Dave slowly pumped in and out of her mouth more cum got messed around her chin, until he just pulled his cock out and started pushing cum up all over her face. This was my Wife, a cum-covered three-dick slut whore, used and abused by a couple of strangers. What a story they?d have to tell their mates later.Mike and I were stroking our cocks at her as Dave made a mess of her face. Mike was next, and he grabbed a bunch of her trashy blonde hair and pulled her over to his long, fat cock. Oh, my god Diane said, so fucking big! She grabbed it with both hands and fed the monster into her face, Dave?s cum still heaped on her and Mike getting ready to add more.Oh, you fucking slut, he hissed, you want my cum, bitch?Yes, Diane said, give me your cum, cum on slut face!That did it, and Mike grunted bitch! as his cock started to shoot out thick wads of cum, hitting Diane on her nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, with a few globs even landing in her open, cummy mouth. Yeeees! Mike said, and as the last of his cum dribbled into my wife?s mouth, I felt my own cock ready to explode. Id waited so long for this, and now she was going to get all my love, the cheap, dirty slut.Come here baby I said, there?s more cum for you, fucking slut!Diane looked up at me, her eyes wide open and her face dripping with cum. When she opened her mouth thick strings of cum stretched and thinned over her tongue, and when she spoke the cum strings snapped and she gagged a little, open-mouthed chewed on the cum and then spoke to me as it ran down her face.Oh John, thank-you baby, she said, I¦m a fucking slut, a fucking cum slut! She grabbed my cock and rubbed it, used her other hand to scoop the cum from her tits and face and feed it to herself, all the time moaning cum, cum, cum on me baby, please give me your cum.It was too much, and took aim at her face and started to cum. It shot out from the first jerk and I pasted that bitch like a dumb bukkake whore. She swallowed what she could and rubbed the rest into her skin. I pushed my cock back into her mouth and fucked her, going deeper with each stroke, wanting to make her gag on all the cum she had swallowed. I worked up speed and got the familiar thwak-a thwak-a thwak gagging sound. Just as she was ready to blow I pulled my cock out and slapped her in the face with it. She choked, and coughed up a mouth and a half of cum, which ran down her chin and onto her tits again.I said lick it up. She looked up at us, a hopeless, fucked out, cum slut, and began gathering the cum from her face, tits, thighs and elsewhere and eating it, playing with it. That got us so excited all three of us were able to cum again, once more at her face.When it was all over, we found ourselves lying on the bed, catching out breath and thinking about what had just happened. Now that the fucking had stopped, I felt naked and a little unsure of myself. I suggested that Diane take a shower first, and when she got in the shower, I told Mike and Dave that they should join her. Lying alone on the bed, lighting up a joint, I felt my cock get hard again as I heard the sounds from the bathroom. My Wife was being a slut again.
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