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Step Niece First Time Secret Fuck

Post #1

Step Niece First Time Secret FuckMy stiff penis slid up and down between the taut skin of my niece's labia without penetrating her as her hips rotated forward and backward on my lap in my home office chair. Her wetness and quivering thighs made the motion incredibly sensual. Her long, pretty brown hair cascaded over her shoulders, tumbling in loose curls down her back. I pulled her bare chest in against my tee shirt, holding her tightly, feeling the breath escaping from her in spurts as she let my erection caress her clit. I felt her pink asshole sliding up my balls as she drove her pelvis in towards my navel. At age 42, it had been a long time since I'd felt the naked body of a teenager, especially one this horny who wanted it this bad.She humped against my cock, spreading her lube across it like butter. The grisly rub of her dark tuft of pubic hair was sticky with a mixture of my precum and her juices. She moaned softly in my ear, her warm breath tickling my skin as I held her against my body, enjoying the curves of her slightly chubby frame. "Uncle Mike..." she whispered in my ear. "Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh..." Her girlish soprano expressing sexual ecstasy was hot as fuck. She pulled at my shoulders, struggling to drive her pussy harder against my dick. I held one butt cheek in each hand, pulling and pushing together with each humping motion she made. I let my fingers explore down into her butt crack, probing until I found her pink anus, already coated with slippery lube from her flowing vagina. I played with it, fingering around the outside of the hole as her butt drove into me even harder. I pushed down even further, feeling the base of her slit, sopping with our sex juices."Oh, ohhhh my godd!" she whispered in my ear as her humping became spasmodic. I could feel the orgasm rising inside her, her muscles contracting, the way she clutched at me. Her moans became grunt-like. I felt perspiration from her chest soaking through my t-shirt, her small breasts jiggling as she bounced and writhed on top of me. "Oh god, oh god..." the words were more like breaths. She held me even tighter as the orgasm surged through her young body like pulses in a river. They seemed to hit her unexpectedly. Her open mouth burned hot with grunts and moans, her hair covering her face wildly. The last of the orgasm passed with her hips jerking against me until she came to rest, panting.She leaned back, her face flushed, cheeks red, eyes heavy. I supported her back, holding her as I leaned her further back and buried my face in her neck. Her creamy skin was salty with perspiration. I nibbled her ear. Her hair smelled like fruity shampoo and perfumey hairspray. I kissed down her shoulder, sneaking a taste under her arm, then licking wetly towards her small boob. Her nipples were pink, almost without color. She cooed as I sucked on one, then the other. My wet dick rested in the crevice between her labia, throbbing for attention. As I sucked her soft nipple, I felt the pressure between our bodies growing again."I want you inside me..." she whispered. God, I ached for it. But, she was a virgin."Are you sure? It will hurt a little at first," I replied. This was super hot, but she's my niece and I had to tread lightly."I don't care. I want you to fuck me." She was already reaching between her legs and moving my penis around, scootching her hips back to align me with her vagina."Ok, we'll take it slow." But, she didn't. She lifted her butt up, directed my cock at her slippery opening and sat down on my pole. I felt a moment of resistance as the tip of my penis encountered her hymen. Then a sort of burst as she dropped back onto my lap and my cock plunged into the buttery warmth of her skin-tight pussy. She winced as I penetrated her. My impulse was to hold her tighter. But, she adjusted on her own. She felt amazing inside.Her eyes met mine as she slid up then down once. I didn't want her to hurt. I wanted it to feel good. "Are you ok?" I asked. She nodded at me, her mouth slightly open, her breath uneven. "Have you ever been kissed?" She shook her head. "Can I kiss you?" She nodded. Her eyes fell to my mouth as I leaned in towards her face. Our lips met and the soft youth of her skin seemed to melt me. I kissed her lips gently at first, then our mouths fell more open and I tasted her tongue, probing mine. Slowly she began to rock up and down on my cock as we fucked and made out. She pulled at my shirt and I lifted it off. Her skin against my chest was amazing. I held her face in my hands as I kissed her sweetly, hotly, wetly, feeling the suction of her vagina pulling on my dick as she bounced up and down on me.Her face fell to my shoulder. I felt her open mouth on my skin as she pounded up and down on my stiff cock. I thrust against her, pushing against the constraint of the position I was in in my office chair. Our bodies thrusted as one as I felt my orgasm climbing, climbing, like a pressure cooker about to release."I'm gonna cum inside you," I whispered. Her inexperience showed in her apparent lack of concern about not having a condom. But, I'd had a vasectomy a few years ago and only fucked my wife for the last 20 years or so. My cock ached to blow into her body.Her second orgasm was already raging when I began to spurt hot jizz into her uterus. She moaned and grunted in my ear again, clinging to me as we fucked furiously and my cock throbbed, filling her with white cum. It seemed to last forever. Then the endorphins flooded my body and I felt a zen calm. She nestled on top of me, her head still on my shoulder. Finally she looked at me again, down at my mouth once more as if maybe I wouldn't kiss her again."You're so beautiful," I whispered, taken by her red lips, the vulnerability of her nakedness and desire to be touched. She was captivating. I kissed her and she leaned into it, breathless in my grasp. Then she settled her head on my chest. My cock throbbed, still inside her."I love you, uncle Mike." She whispered.Oh shit. Love? Like "love" love? Fuck, I knew she was horny. But, feelings? Hmmmm. I didn't know what else to do, feeling the tenderness of the moment and the fragility of her young heart, I said the only thing that felt right."I love you too, princess." She seemed to fold into me, snuggling into my shoulder as I felt a droplet of cum mixed with a splash of red dribbling down my ballsack. I had no idea where this was leading now...
04-06-2021, at 10:10 PM

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