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Werewolf Fantasy

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Werewolf FantasyIt was a bitterly cold, windy, clear winter night. Outside it was a crisp 35 degrees ? exceedingly cold for Texas. I was in my bedroom in my big two story house; all alone ? my husband out of town on business again. The heating system shut down unexpectedly?... It wasn?t long before I was freezing. I stood by my bedroom window, shivering and looking at the luminous full moon in the clear night sky, trying to decide what to do. As I gazed at the moon, I saw something moving in the shadows of my garden. Two glowing eyes were staring at me, hungrily. As I stared, startled and shaking in fear, he stepped into the moonlight. Tall with long, black hair, deep brown eyes, tanned skin, and an incredibly muscled body. He walked slowly toward my window, stalking me through the shadows of the yard. I was too stunned to reach for the gun my husband left loaded and ready on the bedside table. I was mesmerized by the hungry look in his eyes. Unable to move.He whispered, "I want you" as he stepped up to the glass and put his palm on the frosty surface. As I slowly lifted my hand to mirror his, he disappeared. Gone in a blink of an eye. Just as suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder; strong yet gentle as he slowly turned me around. He softly kissed my lips and touched my shoulders. I could taste his warm lips heating up mine, even though he?s been outside in the frost air. I was suddenly so horny, I couldn?t process how he came to be standing beside me. All thoughts were on the man in front of me. Sexy, hot, hard.He could taste the spicy wine in my mouth as we kissed. His warm hands caressed the silk of my nightgown. He pulled me close to his warm, half-naked body. I could the feel heat of his body. I felt the blood rushing through my body as we pressed closer to each other. We kissed, long deep, tongue sweeping kisses as he maneuvered me backward to the king-size bed. "I want you," he said to me as he kissed down to my neck. "I want you too," I moaned.My hands were moving up and down his back as his lips never left my neck. His hands gently squeezed my full breasts. His smooth, warm flesh brushed against my body as he gently lowered the straps of my gown. He slowly lowered his mouth to my breasts while he cupped them with his hands. He then kissed, licked, and sucked my breasts, driving me wild. My nipples were hard as pebbles, straining to meet his tongue. My fingers played with his hair as I moaned and groaned. His lips slowly traveled back up my neck, kissing me there. I couldn?t get enough of his body heat. He then moved his hands down to my hips. He slowly slid off my red lace panties and inhaled. I watched, stunned, as he transformed into the form of a huge, muscular black wolf. Before I could process it or even open my mouth to scream, he lowered his muzzle and began licking my pussy. He took his time, lapping slowly as I fell back in shock and ecstasy. His wolf and human forms both drove me wild. The thought of being licked by a werewolf made me even hotter. His raspy tongue never stopped. Licking and lapping faster and faster and my body arched hard off the bed, my orgasm tearing through me. He turned back to a human form and lay down beside me on the bed. "You taste so sweet and so good. Can I taste you again?" He asked as he smiled, looked into my eyes, and licked his lips. "I don't mind that at all," I smiled at him. While he licked my pussy and clit, my body quivered at the feel of his mouth tasting me. I became wetter and wetter, drenching his chin in my juices. He then unzipped his jeans and stroked himself with one hand, getting himself ready for me. His other hand repeatedly went up and down the front of my body, touching my body softly, raising goose bumps with each pass. I quivered wildly and moaned louder as he tasted me some more. He winked at me, sensing my intense arousal. I sat up and kissed his lips, sharing the taste of myself from his lips. Our tongues lightly danced inside each other's mouths. Then, I slowly moved down his body, took off his already unzipped jeans, and softly licked the tip of his cock. I took my time licking him with soft licks. I could hear him moan and growl in pleasure as his hands caressed the silky strands of my long hair. I worked my mouth up and down his hard cock, taking him into my throat deeper with each pass, driving him wild. Once he got nice and hard, I looked into his eyes and then kissed his lips again. Even when he kissed me it felt warm to the touch. I slid up until I was on top of him, I gently slid my pussy lips onto his cock and sat down hard, taking him fully. We gasped at the same time.I slowly rocked my body against him as his cock went in and out of me. My hands stroked his ripped body up and down while his hands squeezed my ass cheeks. We moaned and groaned with increasing intensity and passion. My night had gone from cold to warm to sizzling hot! He took intense pleasure in my orgasms and I also loved how he kept satisfying me. I brought out the werewolf, riding continuously and cumming repeatedly. He suddenly sat up and tossed me around, putting me on my hands and knees. He got behind me, sat on his knees, thrusting forward hard and fast into my sloppy wet pussy. As he pounded in and out of me, his hands caressed my entire body while his lips kissed my neck, lips, and shoulders. I softly licked his fingers as he fucked me like an a****l. My orgasms went from loud to earth-shaking. Every touch, kiss, and lick he delivered made me hotter. Our desire-drenched bodies glowed in the shining moonlight. He licked my neck and ears. His breath heated against my skin as he whispered, "Cum with me."Together, we climaxed as he held me in his arms, pulling me up and holding me against his chest. Our loud, lust-filled orgasms turned to passionate sighs of breath as he exploded into my pussy. I fell to the bed, exhausted. He lay beside me once again, this time pressing a deep, passionate kiss to my lips. We were wrapped in a tight embrace, his huge cock still buried deep inside me. We kissed for awhile, until his cock slid out of me, covered in our cum. Still freezing outside, we were burning hot under the covers of my husband?s bed. His body kept me warm and safe as I drifted off to sleep. I never felt him leave the bed. Snuggled deep down in the covers my face buried my husband?s pillow, I slept through the night. Only waking once for a moment when I thought I felt a hand caress my face. In the distance, I could hear a wolf?s deep howl.
04-06-2021, at 07:06 PM

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