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the Night Whispers Index-5

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the Night Whispers Index-5We spent the day on the couch, Kira and I, cuddled together, just mother and daughter, innocent and lovely. I really enjoyed holding Kira against me like I had so often before she hit puberty. Even as my thoughts about her turned more intimate, I loved feeling her skin on mine, knowing my c***d was safe in my arms.The movie we watched ended and neither of us moved, both half-asleep, Kira leaning against me, her head resting on my breast. I rubbed her shoulders and felt her stir as the television power cut off after a period of black screen. "Mmm ... guess I should head to bed..." she said, sleepy.She looked at me differently then, an expression I had never seen from her before. It was mature beyond her years, curious, perhaps a bit scared. "Can I sleep in your bed tonight?"I could think of nothing I wanted more in that moment. It wasn't sexual, my response. I wanted her closeness, just to be able to hold another person I loved in my bed. It had been far too long. "I'd love that.""I'll be up in a minute..."I rose from the couch after she left and went up to my room. It was a bit of a mess, really, but I did a quick job of making up the bed and grabbing a spare pillow from the closet. Kira came in wearing her regular nightshirt and a smile. I motioned her onto one side and watched as she slipped under the covers. "Wow ... comfy..."I grinned, "you used to sleep on it, years ago, remember?""Yeah, but that was a long time ago ... I miss this, Mom...""Me too..." I started to pull off my robe, and froze as I held it half-way off my body, my breasts exposed and Kira looking right at them. "Uh ... I should find a nightshirt ... I usually sleep naked..."Kira smiled, "just whatever, Mom. I can be naked if you want." She didn't wait for my response before pulling back the covers and pushing her shirt from her body. Kira's young, swollen tits were tipped with tight, dark-red nipples and small areolae. I sighed as I was unable to draw my eyes away. I let my gaze slide down to where my daughter's trimmed bush rose over her dark-red labia. I tried to catch my breath."You're beautiful ... so beautiful, Kira..."She blushed and slowly pulled the covers back over her body. I managed to shrug out of the robe and get under, as well, but not before Kira's eyes had a moment to see me naked again. I rested, staring at the ceiling."How did it start, Mom? With you and Jackie?"Please, Jackie's voice came to me suddenly, let me show you...I was f******n-years old. Over the previous year, I'd hit puberty and started growing taller, my breasts becoming fuller and pressing out my shirts, my mom insisting that I wore a bra all the time now. My pussy had gotten hairy and while I longed to shave the irritating pubes, my mother forbid it, telling me that only 'sluts and delinquents' did such things.It made me self-conscious to go to the pool or the lake or anywhere I might be seen in a bathing suit, even the rather conservative one-piece variety my parents required me to wear. My pubes came in fast and thick, sticking out around the edges of my swimsuit, and I knew everyone noticed. I tried my best to hide my maturing features, but I couldn't avoid seeing quick glances and curious looks from teens and adults alike, eyes often staring to where my dark hair overflowed from my covered crotch. I felt very ashamed in those moments.It was Jacqueline who first made me feel okay about my developing body. My sister was sixteen and stunning. She had long reddish-brown hair with hints of sunshine and licorice throughout. Her face was always tanned despite our family's generally pale complexion. Her breasts were small under the loose shirts she wore, but her slender body still held curves which every guy noticed wherever we went, and more than a few girls did, as well.I called her Jackie, but she rarely called me Penny, using my given name most of the time. She was an incredible big sister, looking out for me when we were with others, telling me some things about the world I didn't know. Like me, she had little sexual knowledge before she lost her virginity to a classmate at fifteen. I looked up to her with geniune affection as those years added complexity to my life, and she did her best to be honest whenever I asked her questions, even very personal ones.The late in the summer in which I'd turned f******n, we'd taken a family trip to a lake north of the city. We stayed in a cabin, my parents in one bedroom, Jackie and I sharing a bed in the other. We huddled together the first couple of nights, and she told me some of the details of how she'd lost her virginity a few months earlier, and all the times she and her boyfriend had been intimate. They'd broken up a few weeks before, but Jackie's excitement in discussing their moments together came through in her words despite the way I knew she held something back. It wasn't lying, exactly, but I knew my sister well enough to see that she hadn't given me everything."The first time," she told me, "it kinda hurt. Like ... you have this ... hymen thing, like a skin, that has to break before he can get inside you. At least, I did.""Hymen?" I asked, ignorant but curious."Yeah, like, in front of your vagina."I tried to imagine what she was talking about. While I'd touched myself a few times, even to orgasm, I'd never thought to try to slip a finger inside my hole. I wasn't even sure how something could be 'in front of' my vagina, exactly. I shook my head, "I didn't know. Like ... everyone has one?""I think so. Maybe. Girls, of course. You probably have yours. Here," she said without shame, leaning back on our bed and pulling up her nightshirt. I'd seen my sister's genitals a few times over the years when changing clothes or after baths, but never before had she so openly displayed her most private flesh. Her genitals were hairy, but less so than my own, her hairs dark and curly around her dark-red vulva.I looked with curiosity as she giggled and used her fingers to pull apart the folds between her legs. "See?" she said, pushing her hips forward, opening herself fully, "there's nothing there to stop a guy from getting in me. Look," Jackie pushed her finger into her vagina, showing me that she could slide all the way in without resistance, "nothing stopping me.""Wow," I said, unable to stop looking.Jackie laughed at me, then made a show of fingering herself dramatically, her tongue out, her moans light and exaggerated. "Think you like watching a girl do herself, Penelope. You might be a dyke!""Am not!""You're still looking at my pussy!" She laughed and I felt embarrassed, looking away.Jackie watched me a minute, finally closing her legs and smoothing out her nightshirt. "One sec," she said, bouncing off the bed and reaching into her backpack. My sister pulled out a small hand-mirror and stated, "wanna see if you still have your hymen?"I shrugged, still embarrassed."Come on, you know you want to!"I let Jackie move me so that my back was against the wall on the top of the bed. She slid down below me and spread my legs. I wore no panties under my nightshirt, and for a few seconds, my sister just stared between my thighs with a smirk on her face. "Wow," she said, smiling, "you got really hairy!""Jackie! Jeez," I said, slamming my legs shut."Sorry, just, I'd seen the way it sticks out of your suit, didn't know how thick it was!" She saw the look on my face, and said more softly, "Sorry, I know you don't like it. I wish Mom would let us shave ... Anyway, come on. Here, I'll show you."I let her spread my legs again as she put the mirror close to my genitals, angled so that I could see my own pussy. I'd never looked at myself in that way, only from the front when using a full-length mirror. I stared at my own privates with a renewed curiosity, looking at the way my pubes mostly covered my labia which were still small and thin, if a bit puffy as they matured.Jackie watched my face, unable to stop her smiling, her eyes then drawn down between my legs again. "You're beautiful, Penelope," she said gently, "really beautiful.""Now who's the dyke," I replied, somewhere between embarrassment and amusement.She shrugged, "whatever. Ok, look." I froze as her hand shot out and my sister's fingers drew back my lips to expose my small virgin hole. "Little bit more..." she stated as she opened me wider. I saw in the mirror my sex revealed, the red and pink inner flesh looking raw and tender. "See that?" she said, her finger just an inch from my vagina, "that's your hymen."I could just make out a ragged whitish membrane mostly covering the entrance to my vagina, just inside the outer opening, a small hole near the middle. I stared, curious. I'd never seen any hymen before, let alone my own, and I was instantly fascinated. "So ... that keeps a guy from getting in me?""Not completely, no. He can still stick it in a bit, but that's your cherry, the one he has to bust through to make you a woman.""What did it feel like when you had your cherry busted?" I asked, my eyes still watching my own sex as it started to drool a thin clear liquid, all-too-aware that my sister's fingers were still touching my privates."Well," Jackie told me, "it hurt at first, like, really hurt. It felt like a razor sliced into me there.""Sounds awful!""Kinda, but it only lasted a little while. It was over quickly ... thankfully ... after that ... it felt better..."I looked up from the mirror and saw that my sister was still staring at my pussy. An odd mix of affection and curiosity passed through me, and I involuntarily moved my hips, causing her fingers to slip along my tender folds, one of them touching my clit which had become erect. A small moan slid from my lips before I could stop it.Jackie looked at my face and laughed, "oh, you like that?" She teased me by using her fingers to circle my womanhood, my nub straining with each contact. "Hmm ... I think you do," she said with a bemused grin.I couldn't stop myself as my vagina began to spasm uncontrollably. I knew my sister was getting me off, but it felt so good to have another person touching where only I had played that I didn't know how to stop the rising orgasm from rushing over me. I gasped and closed my eyes. Jackie kept sliding her fingers over my button, and seconds later, my climax exploded as I came hard on my sister's hand.I was out of breath, panting heavily when I slowly opened my eyes. Jackie finally drew back her hand, laughing, "my sister, the dyke ... that's okay, though. I guess girls are fun, too..."I had no clue what to say, suddenly ashamed and embarrassed once more. I closed my legs quickly and tried to make myself smaller. Jackie brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed where they had touched my genitals. She smiled again, then said, "oh, Penelope, relax. We're just playing a game. You liked that, right? You got off?"I just nodded, watching her reaction as she sniffed her fingers again, aware of the juices leaking from my vagina."Well, where's the harm in that, right? I like getting off, no reason we can have some fun, play some games, right?"I shrugged, said softly, "I guess..."She sat next to me and put her arm around my shoulder, pulling me against her. "Sorry, s*s. Maybe I got carried away. Just having some fun. Didn't mean to make it weird.""It's ok ... it felt good...""So I saw ... look, nothing wrong with having fun, right?""Yeah..."Jackie leaned back and I saw her knees come up, feet pulled up close to her ass, thighs spread slightly. "I liked that, Penelope ... like ... that was great..."I was starting to feel better just from the way she spoke to me. It had been enjoyable even if very confusing. My own sister had brought me to orgasm! I was still flushed and warm from my climax, my body trembling lightly against her."Mind if I ... get off?"I shook my head, not fully comprehending what she meant."Would you ... do the same for me, Penelope? Just your fingers ... like I did? I'm really close..."I looked at my sister's face and could see the arousal there, the sincerity. She wasn't joking, and she stared at me through half-open eyes, pupils dilated, her thighs spreading further. I could smell her pussy, the warm, rich scents of my sister's genitals making me tingle and curious."Okay..." I said quietly, slowly moving my hand between her legs, unsure how to touch another person intimately. I was hesitant, but she allowed me to quietly move my fingers from her knee to her thigh. I held there a moment, Jackie's warm flesh teasing me, making me want to touch her more. My sister's pubic hairs tickled my skin, and when I slid my finger just an inch further, her wet, slippery labia made me shudder with arousal.Jackie moaned lightly, already breathing faster. Her thighs spread further still, and her hand came up to direct me to her clit. My fingers brushed it and she jerked, letting out a small giggle, then showing me how to move just right, how to make her body writhe, how to make her clit swell and strain for my touch. I felt light and buzzed with excitement and taboo thrill, my sister's body flushing and becoming sweaty the more I touched her between her legs.I felt her shake and then as I ran my finger around her clit in small circles, using the wetness already there. My sister started to moan her pleasure as she orgasmed. "Ohhh ... mmmm ... mmmm ... oooohhh ... mmmmm ... mmmmm ... uuuuuuuhhh..." Jackie climaxed slowly, almost softly, her eyes closed, her body rocking against my fingers. I stared at her face, watching each sensation play out in my sister's expression. She bit her lip as she came, her eyes squeezing tight, her nostrils flaring to take in the air. Sweat ran in small drops down her neck, making the edge of her nightshirt damp, stray strands of her beautiful auburn hair sticking against her skin.I touched her clit until her hand locked on my wrist. She bucked and pushed my hand away. Her eyes opened, and before I knew what was happening, Jackie pushed her lips to mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth. She moaned long and low as she kissed me. I was frozen, unsure what to do. The sensation was not unpleasant, not at all. Jackie's lips were warm and soft, her hand behind my head, caressing me, and her tongue twirled even as mine held still. It was so unexpected I couldn't even consider what was happening until after she broke the kiss, looked at me a second, and burst into laughter.I did the same, not quite sure what was funny, but unable to stop myself once Jackie had started. We laughed for long minutes and towards the end, I realized how good I felt. We'd shared something forbidden and taboo, yes, but it had been rather wonderful, too. My sister had shared with me an experience beyond any I'd ever known, my first sexual moment with another person. As we laughed and lay next to each other, I thought, for the first time in my life, perhaps I knew what it was like to be in love."My god, Jackie..." I whispered, "how could I have forgotten..."You let it all be forgotten, Penelope. You didn't want to remember the bad, so you let the good fall away, as well."I know ... I hated losing you."I know.I couldn't help but notice the smell of wet pussy, and for a moment, I wondered if it was mine. I saw that Kira had pulled her arms from under the blankets, and I realized it was my daughter's aroma which was meeting my nose.It's okay, Kira. I like sharing this with you. I loved your mother completely, and she loved me. We made each other feel pleasure, and we shouldn't be ashamed of what we did."I'm ... I'm not ashamed..." I said quietly."It's beautiful, Mom ... I ... I wish I could feel that..."Say it, Kira ... she won't until you tell her..."I can't!" my daughter said loudly. "How am I supposed to tell her that?""Say it, Kira," I repeated Jackie's thoughts, "please say it..."Tell her what you want, Kira ... she wants that..."I've never ... I've ... I've never been with anyone ... and I want to..." Kira turned towards me, looking to where my neck disappeared below the covers. "I don't know what to do..."I'll help you start.My daughter's hand moved slowly to my face as if guided by Jackie's unseen guidance. I felt Kira's gentle touch there before she looked into my eyes. "Mom ... is ... is this okay?""Yes, Kira," I breathed, my pulse already quickening, "oh, yes..."I brought my hand to her cheek and stroked it softly, the warmth of Kira's face wonderful on my skin. My daughter's eyes closed and I moved closer to her, soon pressing my naked body onto hers. I kissed her cheek, then her lips. She trembled but didn't resist. "You want this, Kira?""Yes..."I parted my lips and moaned into Kira's mouth, slowly sliding my tongue inside and twirling it around hers. I felt her arms slip to my chest as she caressed my breasts. I loved the way my daughter's hands felt on my boobs. They felt a lot like Jackie's.My own hand moved to Kira's swollen tits. They were young and firm, but soft and lovely as well. They filled my hands but weren't as big as mine, a wonderful size to squeeze gently. I moved down to kiss them, tasting my daughter's young flesh, sucking on her nipples as they hardened in the cool air. She was purring softly, her hands resting on my shoulders. I could smell her arousal rising up from her genitals as soon as she pushed down the covers.I kissed Kira's stomach, could feel the butterflies fluttering inside. She was watching me with big eyes, soft eyes, a wonderful look of pleasure on her face. I smiled as I nibbled along her hips and then trailed my lips down to pass along the cleft between her hairy Mons and her hairless thigh. Kira moaned louder.I inhaled against my daughter's private flesh, consumed by the way it soaked into me. She smelled mature and youthful all at once. Her pungent but delicate aroma made me tingle with anticipation as I moved lower and parted my daughter's thighs.I was hooked from the first taste. Kira's cream was sweet and light, a little like a tart cherry in a warm pie. I lapped my daughter's slit, letting her pubes tickle my nose as I swept up and down her most sensitive and private folds. Her knees started to draw up higher, her body slowly moving under me. I found her small clit below its hood and used my fingers to pull back the skin, licking her nub gently.She panted as I moved my hand to her entrance and slid inside. I was stopped by her hymen and I shuddered at that contact. Like mine had been, Kira had a barrier mostly covering her vagina. I was careful not to push through, and her tight, virgin pussy felt wonderful even if I couldn't fully penetrate her. I used my tongue to slip under her clit, then over it, up and down in time with my finger. Kira started to moan and I knew she was close. "Uhn ... Uhn ... uuuuuhhhh ... Uhn ... Uhn ... Uhn ... uuuuuuhhhh." Her channel flooded with sweet juices and my daughter's climax made me fill with excitement.As Kira came on my face and finger, I ground my clit against the edge of the bed. I had just the right angle to feel myself start to cum quickly. I moaned into my daughter's wonderful, messy genitals. "Oh ... Kira ... Ohhhhh..." I bucked and grew wetter, humping the bed until I was weak and drenched in sweat, my face resting on Kira's stomach, her scent and her flavor still thick in my nose and mouth.I could hear her breathing hard, her eyes closed. I rose slightly and gazed at my daughter's beautiful pussy. I couldn't believe I had just done that. Couldn't believe I'd just brought my own daughter to orgasm with my tongue and my fingers. Her hairy labia were slightly open, momentarily parted beyond the thin slit I'd seen in the beginning. Kira's private flesh looked swollen and red, slippery with her juices and my saliva. I licked her slowly again, felt her twitch from sensitivity.I pulled myself beside her and pressed my lips to hers. I knew my daughter was tasting herself in my mouth. I loved sharing that with Kira. I loved kissing her and letting my hand play over her beautiful body.We said nothing more. There was nothing to say, really. We'd both released our secrets in those moments, the taboo urges, the thrilling desires for i****t we both needed to express. I knew I'd worry later about whether what we'd done was right. For that moment, as she fell asleep in my arms and I held my daughter against my sweaty body, I was at peace. Happy. It was almost like having Jackie in my arms once more.
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