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A little black pool party

Post #1

A little black pool partyThat warm summer evening I came back home from my office and heard some loud music at our back yard.I went there, thinking my sweet Ana would be giving a party; but I just found three young black guys I had never seen before.They were inside the pool, chatting and having beers. I glanced around for my wife; one of them said she was upstairs?I sat down on a chair. These black guys in the pool seemed to know each other and talked among themselves while I relaxed.I heard Anita's voice coming from behind me. She kissed me and I noticed she was wearing just yellow bikini top. Her nicely shaved mound was completely uncovered. I asked what was going on there?Ana laughed and answered loudly, saying they had been fucking.I looked at the guys in the pool as they held up their beers?Ana told me I should sit down and enjoy the show.One of her brand new younger friends came out from the pool and I saw his massive black cock swinging between his thighs. Anita giggled and she turned her around to face me. She bent over her waist, putting her hands on my knees, offering her ass to him. The young guy dropped to her knees and began eating Ana?s tight ass and pussy, as I watched her expression. Her eyes were closed at first then opened and stared right at me. Her lips mouthed ?Oh?my??She then turned around to take his now semi hard cock in her mouth and I got a nice view of her wet pussy while she sucked him. I could see it looked relaxed and had already been used.All of a sudden, this first guy spun her back around and pushed his now hard dick into her soaking wet cunt. Ana moaned loud as he pounded her. They were standing up right as they fucked. Ana arched her back pushing her nice tits out for me to see. The other two guys got out of the pool and as they moved over us, I could see those bastards were also very well hung. The guy fucking Ana said she had yet a very tight pussy; although they had now more than a second turn on her?She moaned and begged him to fuck her even harder?My slutty babe and her stud moved to a bench. He down and Ana turned to face him as she straddled his massive black cock. As she began rocking back and forth onto this black serpent, I saw that her tiny dark rosebud was begging for another huge cock.The second guy worked his hard dick into her tight asshole and soon they had their strokes perfectly timed. The third guy walked around and fed his hard dick to my wife's mouth. Anita looked like a porn star. The guy in her ass started squeezing his ass cheeks together and I knew he was coming into her bowels. He stepped back and his friend getting head then took his place and shoved his cock up Anita?s ass very roughly. She screamed out loud when he did.He held her hips and fucked her savagely like he was in a hurry. Ana was making all sorts of sounds and I could tell she was in bliss. I just sat there, watching my sensual wife getting her holes abused. The guy in her ass came in her and he told me I was a lucky bastard, being married to such a slut?I held my beer up in a salute.Anita finally slid down his sweaty legs and sat like a lump of used up pussy at my feet. I asked her if she was done. Her head was down and her sweaty hair hid her face; but she just hissed a weak yes. The lust guy who had sodomized her last time helped her stand up on quivering legs. She sat down with her nice legs wide spread and I knelt in front of her, ready to gently suck her swollen clit between my lips.I could feel Ana tightening her muscles every time I sucked it.After I had cleaned her, we all sat around and had more beers.That night in bed I thanked her for being such a little slut for me.
05-10-2021, at 05:30 PM

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