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The Following Morning

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The Following MorningI woke up around 7AM to find Bob's arm under my neck with his hairy chest against my back. I could feel his soft cock snuggling against my ass. I remained still as I wondered if last night was because of desire or alcohol. That question was answered as I thought of our mutual blow jobs and passionate kissing then my cock began to swell. I decided to go shower as he slept not wanting to wake him. After shaving and showering, I walked back in the room to find Bob was gone. No note, no goodbye or any explanation. I admit I was torn between being confused and pissed. Lying in the bed I obviously had lost my erection as my mind went in every direction. Around 8AM I hear a knock at the door. I was hoping it was Bob coming back. As I looked out the peep hole I saw room service. Still being naked I opened the door slightly and asked if I could help him. He responded he had my breakfast I had ordered. About the same time I started to say I hadn't ordered breakfast I heard Bob tell him to leave it and he'd carry it in. Bob pushed the cart in as I I opened the door. He immediately apologized for leaving without letting me know but his wife called and he slid his pants on and stepped outside while I showered. He said the door shut and locked and after knocking 2 or 3 times and me not answering he decided to go shower and order room service. I told him I was wondering if he had a change of mind and left. He laughed and said if you had looked on the floor on my side of the bed, you would have known I was coming back. I walked around the bed to see his shirt and shoes laying there. We both began to laugh at his expense of having to walk to his room with no shirt or shoes. He hugged me and fondled my cock and balls then said let's eat, we'll need our energy later. The breakfast and coffee was awesome and I thanked him for the surprise meal. After breakfast, I told Bob I'm going to brush my teeth so don't leave, we both laughed as he held his toothbrush up as well. I finished first and layed back on the bed. I noticed my cock was still soft but beginning to thicken. Bob can out and said he was over dressed and then stripped his clothes off. Laying beside each other I rolled over to say thank you again for the breakfast then I leaned down to kiss him. Damn I'm really beginning to like his kisses as we both are massaging each others cock. He asked me if I was going to let him have my ass to which I responded, it's yours but I want to suck your beautiful cock for a few minutes first. I scooted down between his legs but Bob said hold on and lay here on your back and let's 69 because I want some cock too. Another first for me but as he climbed on top I grabbed his hard cock and began to suck. I found out its hard to concentrate on sucking when you're being blown too. Bob immediately stopped sucking and said I don't want to take the chance of cumming as he asked me to get on all fours. He got behind me and pulled my cock backwards while sucking it then leaning up to spread my ass. He began to kiss my ass all over while rubbing my asshole with a finger. I was moaning and really enjoying this. He then slid up to run his tongue across my asshole, damn it felt wonderful. He continued to pry my ass apart as his tongue danced all over my asshole. Another first was feeling him stick his tongue inside me. This was a feeling I knew I loved. He began to slowly insert a finger inside me, another feeling I already knew I liked. He asked me to roll over as he got something out of his pants. He said this lube will help as he layed back down and applied some on my asshole and his fingers. I said please be gentle as I felt his finger go knuckle deep with ease. After finger fucking me for about 3 minutes he said hold on as he applied more lube and added 2 fingers. This created a much better feeling than a single finger. This continued for about 5 minutes then I asked Bob to let me suck his cock for a few minutes because I wanted it inside me. He crawled up to feed me his cock as I rolled his balls between my fingers. He asked me to please stop as he was ready. He asked where the condoms were to which I smiled and responded, put up. He looked confused as I laughed because I felt confusion earlier that morning. I said " Bob I'd love for you to raw fuck me, if you're willing ". His response told me he was willing as he leaned down and slid his tart tongue inside my mouth. As we were kissing, I reached over to grab my phone. I gently pushed him away and said" please fuck me". He crawled between my legs, applied more lube to my ass and his cock as he began to raise my legs up. I handed my phone to Bob and said please video as your cock goes inside me. He took his cock in his hand while rubbing it up and down my ass to lube it well. He asked are you ready and I shook my head yes as I was gently biting my lower lip. He had the video on as he slowly pushed his mushroom head inside me an stopped, pulled out and repeated this for several times. The feeling, excitement and euphoria was something I had never experienced before. Bob said I think you're ready and I'm going to slowly push more cock inside you. I confirmed I was ready and wanted his raw, uncut, throbbing cock inside. Still holding my phone, he lined his cock up and began to sink it inside my ass. I gasped and he asked if I was OK and I responded hell yes give me all of it. I asked for my phone because I wanted to video him fucking me. I asked if I could video his face too and he said yes, I did yours. As he held my legs up he pushed his cock in and I swear I could feel the veins on his cock rubbing inside my ass. After about 3 minutes he pushed hard but it didn't hurt and he said " you've got it all now. I propped my phone up because I could no longer concentrate on anything but getting fucked. I felt his balls slapping my ass as he continued to fuck me. I swear I truly thought at one point I was going to cry, not from pain but unbelievable pleasure. I moaned and asked him to fuck me faster and harder. He being a good guy asked if I wanted him to pull out and cum on my cock or face to which I responded , " please don't pull out, I want to feel your cum inside me then you video it as it run out". This was apparently not what Bob expected as he began to fuck me at an intense pace. I could tell in about 2 minutes he was close just by his facial expressions. He slammed his cock balls deep and grunted as I felt a small fire of liquid washing inside my bowels. I screamed with pleasure as he pushed in one more time. I pulled him down on top of me telling him not to pull out yet. As he laid on top our tongues again began darting in the others mouth. I thought I would suck his tongue out of his moth I was in such a state of bliss. I told him thank you for being so slow and gentle and thank you for breeding me. At this point I felt his cock twitch and began to soften. Before his cock slid out, I gave him my phone and asked him to video his cum running out of my spent ass. As he was recording it, I was stroking my cock to which Bob said don't you dare cum, I want that load in a few minutes.
04-30-2021, at 02:37 PM

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